When you’re in the process of making home renovation decisions, sometimes the smallest spaces – like the bathroom – are the hardest to figure out. What colors should you choose for this compact yet critical room when you’re shopping for new cabinet paint colors? 

By following a few simple tips, you can make the best choice, accentuating the space and bringing your vision to life. This includes through considering: 

The Size

Is your bathroom small and dark, or large and full of natural light? The size, layout and amount of light will influence what the paint color looks like once it’s on your cabinets. 

If you decide on a dark paint color for cabinets and have cramped quarters in your bathroom, for instance, then it’s going to feel even more closed in. On the other hand, if you paint your cabinets a lighter or brighter color, it can work wonders in opening up a small bathroom and making it seem more spacious. 

The Flooring 

Another factor to consider when you’re painting your cabinets is the flooring, whether it’s light, dark, or somewhere in between. Creating contrast always looks beautiful, which means if you have cream tile floors, for example, an espresso paint color on your cabinets will look dramatic and rich against the tiles. If, however, you have dark tiles in your bathroom, then light gray, soft blue, cream or white are always excellent choices to contrast a darker floor. 

The Countertops

Many countertops in bathrooms are made from granite, quartz, or concrete. Oftentimes, there’s more than one color in them. Your particular countertop might be speckled with a mix of different colors throughout or have a single dominant shade. Whatever the case, you should consider and factor it into your final cabinet paint color selection. 

If your counters are multi-colored, for instance, one easy way to do that is by pulling out a single hue that’s in your countertops and using that same color to paint your cabinets. 

The Wall Color

If you have a wall color in your bathroom you love, you need to take it into account as you’re choosing your new bathroom cabinet paint. However, if you’re not married to it, you can always change it later to match once your cabinets are painted. Repainting your walls is something that can be easily done in an economical way at the end of your cabinet painting project.

Other Factors to Consider When Painting Bathroom Cabinets

Beyond considering the actual size of your bathroom and finishes within the space, below are a few additional tips to keep in mind when you’re deciding on cabinet paint colors:

Take an Easy Approach

If you want to make a quick decision, one you know will be classic and enduring, then go with a color such as white or cream. No matter the size, shape or decor in your bathroom – or the door style of your cabinets – these neutrals are always going to look beautiful. 

Go Bold in Your Home

If you have a more modern-looking bathroom, then vivid or contrasting tones work well. For instance, bright green, sunny yellow, or apple red are all stimulating and exciting choices that will make a big impact in this small space. 

If you want color in your home, but you’re a little afraid of it, this is the place to experiment. Even if you live in a grand home, your bathroom is one of the smaller spaces. If you don’t love the end result, it’s easier to change out. 

Keep Sheen in Mind 

If you see a wall color you love and want to paint your cabinets the same tone, keep the sheen in mind. Most wall colors are in an eggshell finish; however, if you choose a satin finish for your bathroom cabinets, it’s going to look different once applied. This is simply because the reflected light can make the paint itself look lighter and brighter than what you’d see on the wall. 

Think About the Future

If you’re planning on selling your home soon, it’s best to choose a neutral palette, such as ivory or white, which will appeal to the most people. These match everything and are less overwhelming to a potential homeowner who wants something different. Bold or dark paint colors on your cabinets, on the other hand, can feel more difficult to change from the start, turning possible buyers off. 

Factor in Your Home’s Overall Style

When you’re painting cabinets, stick with the look and feel of what’s already in your home. For instance, if you tend toward the classic and traditional side of the decor spectrum, you don’t want your bathroom to stick out like a sore thumb. Likewise, if your finishes are sleek and modern, make choices that remain within that vein so the end result feels consistent with the rest of your home.  

Choose What You Like

The above are tips to keep in mind. However, at the end of the day, choose what you like. You’re the one who’s going to have to live with it and you don’t always have to follow design rules or trends. If you pick a cabinet paint color that you’re excited about and think will work well with the overall space, then chances are, you’ll love it. 

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