Making changes to your home, like cabinet refinishing, is a big decision. There’s a lot at stake, not to mention the expense to consider. You want to ensure you choose a solution you can afford, one that will also bring your vision to life.

You’ll find it with N-Hance®. We’re leading the way in the cabinet refinishing industry because we take a different approach. We can restore the finish on your cabinets and get rid of all those stains, scuffs, and scratches, or we can gently adjust the color to a darker or richer tint, tone, or shade. The choice is yours. But at the end of your experience with our team, you’ll get cabinets you love, ones that look brand new. 

How Our Cabinet Refinishing Works

At N-Hance, we always begin the refinishing process by cleaning and prepping your cabinets. This ensures any grease, wax, oils, or other contaminants are carefully and thoroughly removed using our proprietary cleaning solution. This process also helps to ensure the finishing stains we use can properly adhere to cabinets without any problems. 

Once we refinish your cabinets, we use a unique and state-of-the-art U.V. system called Lightspeed® that instantly cures them. You, therefore, don’t have to wait days (often seven to 10 with a traditional approach) for your cabinets to dry. Instead, you can get back to using your kitchen or bathroom in as little as three to five days, from start to finish. 

What’s more, we offer many color possibilities to choose from, whether you want to freshen up the existing color or pick a different one that’s warmer, darker, or more dramatic. In addition, our Lightspeed system can achieve a range of sheens, including glossy, semi-gloss, matte, or satin. Whatever you decide on, your cabinets will have a rock-hard finish that’s more durable and scratch- and moisture-resistant thanks to Lightspeed. 

Overall, our process is also far less messy than what you’d get with a more traditional approach. That’s because we don’t sand cabinets and our products produce fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals that can be dangerous to the health of humans, as well as the environment. With N-Hance, you’ll get a solution that is both family- and earth-safe. 

About Our Cabinet Refinishing Options

When you hire N-Hance, you’ll have different choices to consider, depending on your style and budget. These include:

  • Classic Cabinet Refinishing: If you have quality cabinets made from hardwood and simply want to restore them or enhance them, this is an ideal option. Not only will we breathe new life into them, but also make them more durable in the process for years of heavy use ahead. 
  • Cabinet Color Change: If you want a more dramatic change in your kitchen, without breaking your budget, we can help with our cabinet color change refinishing service. This eliminates any imperfections and revitalizes their look in a new, darker tint or shade, all for a small fraction of the cost of new cabinets. 
  • Cabinet Color Finishes: If you’d prefer cabinet painting instead of cabinet refinishing, which provides a smooth, factory-like finish without any wood grain or texture showing through, we offer many colors. We also have different finishing techniques to consider, like glazing and torching, so you can further personalize your cabinets.

Read All About Us

Still not sure if N-Hance is the right service for you? It’s a big investment and we know it’s one you want to get right. That’s why we recommend that you read what our customers are saying about our cabinet refinishing services and their experience with us. Below are just a few examples with many more comments you can continue to read here.

“Work began promptly on the day promised by what I would say are true professionals. Arrived all 3 days on time and courteous. They very neatly did their magic. Wow, what an immediate impact it made. Would we recommend N-Hance? YES!! Quality 5 star Professionalism 5 star value 5 star convenience 5 star”

John Aleman, Google

“N-Hance simply does what they say they will -without a hassle to the customer -and create a beautiful high level result. The cabinets do not look “re done”, they look original and I am very critical about this aspect.”

Susan Starrett, Google

“I had my kitchen updated last year around Thanksgiving time. It’s been half a year now and I am still in love with my kitchen every day!” –

Qi Tang, Google

“The work was done without any dust or mess and on time and very detailed. Highly recommended!!”

Terry Franklin, Google

I have used N-Hance on two different occasions, and each time the staff completed the job in a timely, professional manner. The quality of their work is exceptional; staff are friendly; my old cabinets are now beautiful! I would highly recommend N-Hance for any wood finishing job!

Mary Ann Porter, Google

“Cannot say enough great things about our experience with N Hance, cabinets look like new, the color change, new hardware and soft closures, and at a huge saving from getting new ones!”

Jim Blosser, Blouzz

“The service technicians were professional and did an outstanding job. My cabinets look brand new.”

Yvonne Richardson, Facebook

“My newly refinished cabinets from N Hance look like a brand new kitchen! They resurfaced the cabinets with the color of my choice, replaced some damaged areas and installed new drawers and hinges which completely updated the whole room. The cost was very reasonable and the work was done quickly and professionally. 5 stars!!”

Jacki Rogalski, Google

If you’re ready to take advantage of all our cabinet refinishing service can offer, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today for a FREE estimate.