As more and more homeowners choose to reface cabinets, it’s worth asking: what makes cabinet refacing such a smart choice? 

While homeowners will reface cabinets for different reasons, there’s a handful of particular reasons that make refacing a strong decision. 

Why Reface Cabinets? 

  1. Because it adds value. Homeowners generally choose to remodel for one of three reasons: to add beauty, to add functionality, or to add value. Ideally, you find projects that accomplish all three of these goals at once. And the good news is that when you reface cabinets, you’re adding more dollar-for-dollar value than almost any other interior remodeling project.
  2. Because it costs less money. Cabinet refacing is generally viewed as an alternative to cabinet replacement. Rather than tearing out your cabinets to replace them entirely, you can leave the frames and shells in place and just update the doors. This significantly reduces the cost of remodeling your cabinets, and it can produce the same high-quality results. 
  3. Because it generates less waste. When you reface cabinets, you don’t simply save money. You also save precious resources, cut down on waste, and reduce carbon emissions. Without having to replace your frames and shells (which would likely end up in a landfill), your project will use less lumber. That means fewer trees harvested to produce that lumber, and fewer emissions generated to transport and manufacture it. Plus, if you choose N-Hance’s cabinet door replacement service, your project will result in the planting of one new tree. 
  4. Because doors get damaged faster. Many homeowners will reface cabinets simply to update the look of their kitchen. But if your cabinet doors are older, or if they’ve suffered damage, then it may be time to replace them. Doors will accumulate wear, tear, and damage much more quickly than cabinet frames and shells, so if you only need to replace the doors, refacing makes more sense. 
  5. Because it gives you the kitchen you deserve. At the end of the day, most homeowners reface cabinets because they want to transform the look of their kitchens. Simply put, there are few—if any—better ways to accomplish this. Cabinets are the defining feature of most kitchens, dictating the tone and style of the room. Refacing allows you to revamp their appearance much more extensively than simply repainting or restaining them would, while being much more cost-effective than a full-scale replacement.
  6. Because it’s less disruptive. Renovations can turn your home upside down, and there are few kitchen projects more disruptive than replacing your cabinets. Between tearing down and reconstructing the frames, your kitchen will become unusable for potentially weeks at a time. But with cabinet refacing, there’s no construction work involved, the project takes much less time, and at the end of the day, you’re faced with a lot less mess and stress.  

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