When it comes to changing the look of your cabinets, at an affordable price point, cabinet painting is the way to go. Cabinet painting gives you so many options to choose from. You can opt for a subtle change, removing all the wear, tear, scuff marks and scratches that grab your eye when you walk into the room. Or, you can choose a dramatic transformation with a bolder, brighter, or darker color that elevates the space. Plus, you can add techniques, like glazing and antiquing, for an even more personalized look.

However, before you begin this project, you likely have some questions. At N-Hance®, we have answers. Below is a look at a few commonly asked questions we often get and our response to each one. Keep in mind that these answers depend on a variety of factors. 

How Long Does New Paint Last on Cabinets?

This depends on your lifestyle and how much you use your cabinets. However, with normal use and proper maintenance, you can expect the new coat to last for years to come. In fact, estimates put that it could be anywhere from 8-15 years before needing a fresh coat. 

However, if your cabinets are not properly maintained, or have been exposed to harsh chemicals, heavier-than-normal wear and tear, or water damage, the time frame will be shorter.

Will the New Finish Chip?

When you invest in cabinet painting, you want the finish to last. So this is an important question to ask. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so clear cut. It really does depend on the work performed. If the painting job is performed correctly, you can expect your painted finish to last for a long time without chipping. 

The prep work and products used will play a big role in whether your cabinets will chip or not. A professional painter will take the necessary steps to ensure the prep work is thorough before moving on to painting. They also know exactly the right amount of paint to apply with each layer and the right techniques to use and will take the time to use the right process for curing the cabinets before reinstalling. 

However, if you take a DIY approach, rather than hiring a professional, the chances for chips are greater. Many DIY-ers rush the prep work and paint layers that are too thick, causing chips and peeling. The excitement of seeing the new cabinets in place also often leads to homeowners reinstalling cabinet doors and drawer fronts before they are fully cured.

What Color Should I Choose?

The color you choose is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when painting your kitchen cabinets. White and variations of it are always classic choices that look great in modern or traditional homes. Up-and-coming popular colors include those inspired from nature, like blues and greens. In addition, if you’d like to add some drama to your kitchen, consider a charcoal gray, espresso, or black. 

When it comes to choosing the paint color for your cabinets, keep in mind the size of your space. Opt for a lighter hue for a more compact kitchen. This will reflect light making your kitchen feel larger. 

Another option? If you’re looking to make a statement, you can paint the center island a bold or brighter color and then use a more neutral shade for the balance of your cabinets. 

Finally, when it comes to the color, think about resale value, too. If you plan to remain in your home for years to come, then you can opt for any color you love. If, however, you are going to list your home soon, then a more neutral color will appeal to a wider audience. This can help your home sell faster and even at a higher offering price. 

What Does Cabinet Painting Cost?

Again, this depends on whether you choose to handle the job on your own or hire a professional. In either case, you’ll have to factor in the cost of the materials and equipment you need. 

If you hire a cabinet painter, the cost he or she charges can vary greatly depending on his or her level of experience and quality, as well as where you live. Keep in mind, though, this is not a job where you necessarily want the lowest bidder. Quality is more important when it comes to cabinet painting. The good news is that, on average, painting your cabinets is about one-fifth the cost of replacing them. 

How Long Does it Take?

How large is your kitchen? How many cabinets do you have? What is their condition? These are all factors that can impact the turnaround time of your project. Also, if you paint your cabinets yourself, it will likely take longer than with a professional. Typically, though, for most professionals, they can finish the job in around five days. It may take more or less time depending on the number of cabinets you have and their condition. 

How Do I Maintain or Clean Newly Painted Cabinets?

Maintaining your newly painted cabinets is relatively simple. Use a soft, moist fabric, like a microfiber, when you’re cleaning them. Then dry them with a soft towel. 

Avoid over-wetting the cloth, which can lead to water damage. Clean one area at a time, rubbing gently in a circular motion. If you have a stubborn spot or stain, use a mild cleaning solution, such as warm water mixed with a little bit of dish soap, rather than scrubbing at it. 

Taking a proactive approach to clean your cabinets will prevent the build-up of heavy-duty grease and grime and maintain the look of your cabinets for longer.

Can I Handle Cabinet Painting on My Own?

While cabinet painting, in general, is the simplest, most cost-effective way to a new look, the job itself isn’t easy. Plus, if you use the wrong product, equipment, or approach, you might end up with results you don’t love. Some common mistakes homeowners make include: 

  • Not cleaning the cabinets thoroughly
  • Not prepping them properly
  • Not removing them to paint
  • Using wall paint instead of cabinet paint

Other missteps include using a paint brush rather than a sprayer or rollers, which can lead to drips, and applying a layer that is too thick and causes chips.

If you’d like to avoid these DIY mistakes, let N-Hance handle your cabinet painting job for you. We have every detail covered and take a meticulous approach to our work, including with:

  • Removing all the doors and drawer fronts and taking them back to our shop to clean diligently using a proprietary degreasing solution. This takes care of all the grease, wax, dirt and grime, delivering a fresh surface that’s ready to prime.  
  • Repairing any damage, so the final finish is flawless. We can even repair more severe scratches, damage, and gouges using a water-based wood filler product.
  • Using products that are specifically manufactured for cabinets. This means our primer blocks stains and bleedthrough and our paints can stand up to all the usage your kitchen cabinets experience and still look beautiful over time. 
  • Applying a clear finish and curing it instantly using our UV Lightspeed® Nano system. This not only delivers a faster turnaround time, but a rock-hard, factory-like finish. 

We follow the same steps with your cabinet boxes, inside your home, and will get your kitchen back up and running in no time. In fact, in five days or less you can have professionally painted cabinets that dramatically transform your kitchen. 

Ready for professional cabinet painting? At N-Hance, we offer experienced craftsmen who can expertly handle the work, so you get results you love. Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.