Your kids are heading back to school. Ready to make your kitchen a more welcoming space for them when they arrive home? N-Hance® can help by painting your kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen will be the go-to place for your children and their friends, so you can open your doors to the after-school crowd.

The Benefits of Painting Kitchen Cabinets Now

If you’re interested in a kitchen makeover, back-to-school provides the ideal time. Your kitchen is your command center and the place where your family eats meals and kids do homework and work on projects. As a result, investing in an upgrade, like painting cabinets, makes sense, so your kitchen is more appealing and comfortable and you and your family are happier there. 

Not only that, but since your kids are back to school, your home will be less active during the day. You won’t have to try and keep kids out of the way of our workers. You also won’t have to deal with a kitchen that’s not usable for a few days during the height of the busy summer season. Any concerns about kids tripping over tools or supplies, or dealing with other hazards typical on a worksite are moot making the whole process less stressful for you. 

Instead, with school in full swing, you can get your kids out the door, while N-Hance gets to work in your kitchen, painting your cabinets. There will be fewer interruptions and less stress for you, making it easier to manage the project. Meanwhile, your kitchen will be ready for action in just a few days – and well before the holidays so you can show it off to your family and friends. 

Plus, the start of the school year is always a time for new beginnings. Your kids have new classrooms, new teachers, and new friends. Once they get home, N-Hance can help you make your kitchen feel like-new too and make it a more inviting space with newly painted cabinets. It will become the hangout spot for the gang in the school year ahead.

On top of that, fall is a time of year when many retailers have sales on products, like kitchen appliances, to make way for next year’s inventory. This means you might be able to make other upgrades to your space, such as purchasing a new stove and fridge, all at a lower cost. 

The Advantages of an N-Hance Kitchen 

When your kitchen becomes the hangout space for your kids and their friends, take it as a compliment. Ready to get there? Let N-Hance help you. Some reasons to consider our team for your kitchen cabinet painting project include:

High-Quality Products & a Factory-Like Finish

Our products are designed for kitchen cabinets. They are made with ingredients that ensure a durable finish, one that stands up to the constant opening and closing, heat, fingerprints, and grease and water splatter.

For instance, we use a special, oil-resistant primer for our finishes, so they withstand tough kitchen environments. Our painting products are also made from a unique type of acrylic formula that delivers a rock-hard, factory-like finish. Your cabinets will look great for years to come, providing a cozy and comfortable place for your kids and family to spend time.

Less Disruption to Your Life.

When you hire N-Hance to paint your kitchen cabinets, our average turnaround time is just 3-5 days. It’s thanks, in part, to our UV Lightspeed® Nano system. This cures your cabinets instantly, in just seconds. When we leave, they will be 100% ready for action when that first child gets off the bus and runs through the door. This means less disruption and minimal downtime.

A Wide Range of Colors to Capture Your Vision. 

At N-Hance, we offer 12 colors to choose from on our palette. If, however, you have a different color in mind, we’re happy to accommodate you. Just give us a sample and we will custom-blend our products to ensure we bring your vision to life. You’ll get the color you want and results you love, so you and your family get the kitchen of your dreams. 

A Budget-Friendly Way to Get a New Look.

Choosing N-Hance to paint your kitchen cabinets means you’ll get updated cabinets at a lower cost. In addition, our painting services are a small fraction of the cost of a complete renovation. 

A Team Who Will Help You Every Step of the Way. 

At N-Hance, we’re here for you from the start with an in-home evaluation, so we can learn about your preferences, lifestyle, and the scope of the project. This helps us deliver an accurate estimate and time frame before we begin work.

We can also make recommendations and help you choose colors and finishes you’ll love. Once we’re done, we’ll even walk you through your completed kitchen, step-by-step, to make sure you are thrilled with the final results. 

Connect with N-Hance® and let us help! Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.