A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in terms of upgrading your kitchen cabinets. It can bring them up to date, fix flaws or damage from wear and tear, and enhance your home’s value. Best of all, repainting kitchen cabinets is affordable, too, unlike other upgrades, like a complete cabinet replacement. 

Yet, with near limitless options available, it can be tough to choose the right one for your home. Do you go bold and bright, stick with something neutral, or find a happy medium? The final choice is yours alone; however, here are 9 ideas for repainting your cabinets and refreshing your kitchen. 

#1: Why Choose One Color When You Can Pick Two?

If you can’t decide on a single color, there’s good news for you. One of today’s biggest trends is a two-toned kitchen. You can choose two different colors for your cabinets, painting the ground or base cabinets one color – typically the darker one – and the upper, wall cabinets a lighter and brighter shade. 

You can go different ways with this approach. One is to select a color you love that stands out and then paint the remainder of your cabinets white or another neutral shade, like ivory or a soft beige. 

Another option is to use contrasting colors, such as white and black, blue and orange, or pink and green. You can also choose one color and paint your cabinets two different shades of it, such as dark charcoal gray on the bottom cabinets and a lighter, softer gray on the upper cabinets. 

#2: Let Your Cabinets Take Center Stage

The best interior designs have a focal point. This provides a sense of harmony for the space, while also personalizing it. The question is: what will take center stage in your kitchen? 

If you already have a bold choice for the countertops or the flooring, then opt for something more neutral when you’re repainting your kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, with too many intense colors and detailed patterns, your eye won’t know where to look and it will be overwhelming.

If, however, you don’t have a focal point, consider making your cabinets the star of your kitchen. To do so, you’ll have to decide whether you want a color that pops, a unique finishing technique, designer hardware – or a combination of these options. This approach works in all kinds of homes, from country to contemporary and traditional to mid-century modern, offering a touch of creativity. 

#3: Coordinate Cabinet Color to Your Backsplash or Counters

Other sources of inspiration in your kitchen are your backsplash or your countertops. Whether you have a colorful counter or a complex backsplash, you can create a sense of harmony in your kitchen by picking one of the hues to use on your cabinets. 

Keep in mind if you have a bold backsplash or countertops, your best bet is a neutral cabinet color to temper them. Another option is to use a contrasting color from the backsplash or countertops, so your cabinets stand out against them. 

#4: Unify Your Cabinets with the Wall Color 

When your cabinets are painted the same color as your walls, your eyes will go up and the room will appear larger. Not only that, but by having one, continuous color from the floor to the ceiling, it provides a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. Even if you opt for a neutral color, such as white, cream, beige or gray, it will look unique and compelling, making a memorable impression. 

#5: Go Up a Shade With Your Cabinet Color

Another similar option is to take the color your walls are painted and go one or two shades deeper with it on your cabinets. Your cabinets will be in the same color family as your walls, but brighter or richer in color. Taking this approach adds contrast while maintaining a sense of calmness too.

#6: Add an Element of Surprise 

If you want to make a big change to your kitchen, you can also replace the cabinet doors on your upper cabinets with doors that have glass, or even mesh. In fact, mesh cabinet doors are a big trend this year and will give your kitchen a distinct flair. Plus, with mesh, you can’t clearly see everything inside your cabinets, like you can with a glass door, so you don’t have to be as careful at keeping it neat. 

If, however, you prefer glass, consider painting the inside of your cabinets for added visual interest. The decorative items you place in these cabinets will also stand out against the paint color and create a more thoughtful and sophisticated aesthetic in the process. 

#7: Create Statement Cabinets

Another way to make a statement is to choose a few cabinets and designate them as a focal point. For instance, if you have a wall of cabinets with a built-in desk, paint those a brighter or deeper color and then opt for a neutral shade for the rest of your cabinets. 

You can also choose to paint some cabinets one color and keep others in their natural, hardwood state and simply have them stained. This will add warmth and charm to your kitchen, while also making it fun and fresh. Even the small cabinets above your refrigerator or your oven could be painted with a pop of color, while the rest are white or another subtle shade. 

#8: Go Big with Neutrals 

If you’re having a hard time making up your mind, choose several neutral colors and paint your cabinets with them. For instance, paint your base cabinets espresso brown, leave your upper cabinets natural wood, and then use a soft, sage green on your island cabinets. Since these are all neutrals, they’ll complement each other, while working together to create a kitchen that represents you.  

#9: Get Creative with Your Hardware

If you’d prefer a tried-and-true approach to repainting your kitchen cabinets, such as white or ivory, but want to make your kitchen feel special, get creative with your hardware. You can choose something that’s luxurious and beautiful or fun and funky. 

Today, there are endless possibilities when it comes to the size, style, color, and finish. Plus, if you don’t love it, it’s easy and inexpensive to change them out. 

Before painting your cabinets, though, make sure you decide on hardware. If it’s a different size than your existing drawer pulls and door knobs, you’ll need to fill in some holes before repainting.

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