If you’re looking to hire cabinet painters to make a dramatic change in your kitchen, one of the biggest decisions involves the color. There are so many fads and trends, plus more classic selections to consider. It can be overwhelming and difficult to know which direction to head in. It’s why so many homeowners keep it simple and choose white. 

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why white cabinets are such a popular choice. This color, often considered safe, can still add a big splash to your kitchen, even though it’s the simplest option.

#1: White Gives You More Design Flexibility

When you hire painters to paint your cabinets white, you’ll get more design flexibility. Think of your kitchen like a blank canvas for other colors, whether on your walls, countertops, backsplash, or decor. 

Any color, from bold to modern to classic, will look great against white. You won’t be tied down in any way when you decide to paint your cabinets white, as you would be with a more dramatic or darker color. 

In addition, white is a great choice that blends right into any type of home, whether your style is traditional or contemporary. Likewise, if you want to make additional upgrades down the road – such as by refinishing the floors, renewing your granite countertops, or simply purchasing different decor – your cabinets will be like a chameleon and fit in with your future choices. 

#2: White Matches Any Color Appliance

When you’re hiring cabinet painters, you have to factor in all aspects of your kitchen into your decisions about color. The appliances are another important one to keep in mind, particularly if you’re not planning to replace or upgrade them. 

If, for instance, you have black appliances, then popular cabinet paint colors that are darker, like espresso or black, are going to overwhelm the space. However, when you paint your cabinets white, it will look attractive against appliances of any finish, from black to bisque to stainless steel. Even if you have white appliances, the white-on-white palette is a low contrast and will blend and flow, rather than stick out. 

#3: White is Always on Trend

When it comes to cabinet color, white is like the proverbial little black dress. It matches every size kitchen, every style decor, and can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on your design aesthetic. While truly offers endless options and a neutral palette that never gets dated. The same can’t always be said for other bolder or edgier colors. Remember, when burnt orange and avocado green cabinets were the rage in many kitchens? White cabinets, on the other hand, withstand the test of time. 

#4: White Will Make Your Kitchen Seem Larger

White has a magic way of making the space seem larger. It’s actually not magic at all, but simply the fact that white better reflects natural and artificial light when compared to darker tones, which tend to absorb them. 

When you ask your cabinet painters to go with white, your kitchen will appear more expansive overall. This is an especially valuable advantage and important visual trick if you have a cramped kitchen or one that’s dark, without a lot of natural light. 

#5: White Can Positively Impact Home Sale Value

Are you in your “forever home,” or do you plan on selling in the near future or even down the line? Then white provides an ideal choice when you’re hiring professional cabinet painters. You can get a fresh-looking kitchen that’s bright and clean, all while ensuring it appeals to the general public. 

This is simply because most potential buyers can envision themselves living in a kitchen with white cabinets. Even if your decor doesn’t resonate with someone, they know they can simply update the hardware or paint the walls and change the look dramatically. This takes away from the financial stress buyers experience when they feel they have to make extensive changes to your home. When you do go to list your home, the neutral cabinets will be an asset not a liability. 

#6: White Still Offers Many Color Options 

If you do opt for white, you still have some decisions to make. Just go to any paint supply or home improvement store and see the endless array of “white” paint chips. Some shades have different undertones which can complement your kitchen or, on the flip side, might not fit well within it. 

For instance, if you have granite countertops with splashes of cream not white, pure white cabinets are going to look stark and out-of-place against the counters. That’s when a warm winter white or even an ivory or cream color is a better option. It’s therefore important to be clear about the exact shade of white you want before your cabinet painters get started.

Consider the Cons Before You Hire a Cabinet Painter

If you have your heart set on white cabinets, there are some cons to know about ahead of time. For example, cabinets that are white can be more difficult to keep clean. White shows more than a darker or even medium-toned color does. Food splatters, fingerprints, grease, and dirt are easy to see, requiring more frequent cleaning. 

Some homeowners overcome this challenge by going with a two-toned look. In other words, they choose darker-colored cabinets, which are more likely to get dirty, on the bottom as the base, and white cabinets above. If you go this route, it makes maintenance easier, while still giving you the freshness you want.

Get Help with Your Color Choice from the Cabinet Painters at N-Hance

There’s a lot to consider, even when you’re simply hiring painters to paint your kitchen cabinets white. If you’d like professional help with the process, from selecting a color to painting and curing, turn to the team at N-Hance®

We can discuss your vision, your options, and also offer a custom quote and project timeline, so you fully know what to expect. You can make design decisions with ease, leading to kitchen cabinets that look like new.

If you’re ready to hire professional cabinet painters to bring your vision of white (or any color) to life in your kitchen, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today for a FREE estimate.