Clean. Elegant. Timeless. Want to achieve an industrial aesthetic when cabinet painting? There are many ways to bring this look to life in your kitchen to get the striking end result you want. 

These days, less is more and minimalism is in. Life is busy, loud and cluttered. When you come home and are cooking, eating or entertaining, you want it to be in a beautifully quiet space. With an industrial look, you’ll get the combination of simplicity and sophistication you’re looking for. 

This aesthetic is all about a muted color palette, understated decor, a mix of materials, from concrete to wood and stainless steel, and modern, clean lines. If you’re not sure how to achieve it, though, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

5 Cabinet Painting Colors that Capture the Industrial Look

Neutral colors are the best way to go when you’re painting your kitchen cabinets and want an industrial feel. Here are a few colors to consider:

#1: Whites

White isn’t one color, there are actually dozens of different shades of white and off-white. These can be warmer, cooler or somewhere in between. It’s why if you want white cabinets, it’s important to bring samples into your space. What looks right in the store could be yellow-ish or too gray in your kitchen. 

White is always a great color to consider when painting cabinets, though, because of its timeless appeal. It will go well with your modern appliances, brick accent wall, or a hardwood floor. If you decide in a few years, you want to go in a different style direction, white cabinets still work. In fact, white cabinets can be a fit for any aesthetic, from modern to traditional, with the right styling. 

#2: Grays

Gray is a color that screams sleek, minimal and industrial. As a result, gray is another great color to consider when you’re painting your kitchen cabinets and want an industrial aesthetic. It’s a natural fit for a modern home and will add contemporary flair to your kitchen space. 

It’s also the perfect choice if you don’t want hard-to-keep-clean white cabinets. If you have a busy, active family, gray won’t show as much dirt and grime, while still bringing a modern vibe into your home.

#3: Black

If you have features in your kitchen, like concrete floors or counters, a brick accent wall, or open wood shelving, black can be the perfect addition to enhance the space. It’s sophisticated, rich and moody, while still being completely neutral. Just make sure you have contrast too with lighter countertops and flooring, along with plenty of natural light. 

#4: Navy Blue

If you’re feeling blue, consider navy. Navy is a softer way to still get the drama of black without being too stark. You can even opt to paint your kitchen island navy and the balance of your cabinets white, or keep them a wood tone. This adds some visual interest, while still keeping the overall feel clean and contemporary. Another bonus? If your kitchen island has a seating area with bar stools, a dark paint color, like navy, can hide scuff marks. 

#5: Natural Wood

While wood might not seem like a natural fit for an industrial aesthetic, it actually pairs beautifully with cool metals. It also warms up a modern, clean kitchen ensuring your space doesn’t come off as cold or sterile. 

Plus, natural wood cabinets are forever in style, so you never have to worry about the look becoming dated. You can always style your kitchen in a completely different direction in the future without having to change anything on your cabinets other than the hardware. 

Styling Your Kitchen for an Industrial Aesthetic 

If you want to take your industrial aesthetic to the next level, you’ll need to style your kitchen in a minimalist way. To help you in the process, here are some tips.

  • Get hardware with high-gloss, reflective finishes. Think polished brass or chrome. Use this finish for the hardware on your cabinets, as well as your faucet and light fixtures. You can even go metallic with other options, like seating and decor.
  • Boost the look with a new backsplash. If you’re painting your cabinets and have some money left over, think about putting it into a new backsplash. Large-format tiles and shiny slab backsplashes are the perfect way to add a modern touch to your kitchen. This means there’s no contrasting grout lines, offering high-impact visual appeal. 
  • Go modern with a monochromatic kitchen. Another way to get an industrial look in your kitchen is with a monochromatic design, like an all-white, or all off-white space. You can even opt for a pop of contrasting color, like blue, to help you nail this look.   
  • Symmetry is essential. If you want an industrial look, make sure that everything from your table, to area rugs are all perfectly symmetrical. Emphasizing symmetry will further add to the balance and simplicity that defines the modern industrial look.

Bringing an industrial vibe into your kitchen is harder than it looks. While these kinds of spaces seem clean and simple, they can be challenging to bring into a home that’s busy and cluttered. 

Let N-Hance® help with at least one aspect – cabinet painting. We can work with you to select the ideal color for your cabinets, so you can get the industrial feel you want for your kitchen. 

We make the process simple too. All you have to do is clean out your cabinets, clear off counters, and we will take care of the rest. 

If you’d like a rustic vibe in your kitchen instead, not an industrial one, check out this article for tips on getting there. If, however, you know industrial is the way to go, call N-Hance today to get started with a free consultation. 

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