Since your kitchen is the heart of the home, there’s nothing like adding in rustic charm to make it welcoming and warm. Yet, if you don’t have exposed wooden beams, a stone floor, and a roaring kitchen fire, how can you bring this rugged look to life? The answer’s more simple than you think. With a few touches, including repainting your kitchen cabinets, you can make this space both casual and comfortable. 

Let’s first look at some paint colors to consider for your cabinets if you are craving a rustic vibe. Then we’ll cover other tips and tricks to incorporate along the way.

Creamy White

Nothing says rustic quite like a creamy white finish. It pairs with hardwood floors, natural stone counters, and even brick if you want to add an accent wall or a fireplace to your kitchen. It’s also extremely versatile whether you’re actually in a rustic place, like on a farm or in the country, closer to town, or right in the heart of the city.

Moody Blue

Consider this: Repainting your kitchen cabinets a moody blue hue, then adding in a weathered gray farmhouse kitchen table and marble countertops. This look captures the quintessential rustic style. You can even opt for open shelving on one wall of cabinetry to create an accent wall where you showcase antique blue-and-white china. 

Calming Gray

Gray has seen a big revival in recent years and is definitely here to stay. If you prefer a more subtle rustic look for your kitchen, and you already have hardwood floors, gray is an excellent neutral to choose. You’ll revive your kitchen in a refreshing way, while still setting the scene for a snug atmosphere. 

Soothing Green

Want to feel like you’re in a cozy cabin in the woods, rather than your busy suburban neighborhood? Go green with your cabinets. When you bring nature indoors by repainting your kitchen cabinets a warm green, it will instantly ground the space. It also sets off light-colored counters in a crisp yet homey way.

Dramatic Black

Black cabinets make a statement. Yet, it also sets the tone for sitting indoors with a cup of tea while the wind and rain whips outside. Repainting your kitchen cabinets this color makes your kitchen feel rich and warm, yet elegant too. You can further enhance this design choice with brass lighting and fixtures to add contrast. 

Accent Cabinets 

If you don’t want to commit to a lot of color, repaint your kitchen island as an accent piece instead. This will allow you to use that daring color you love – black, green, or blue – in a more minimalist way without overwhelming your kitchen. 

For instance, imagine a green island surrounded by warm white cabinets and granite countertops with splashes of cream, espresso, and caramel brown.

Antique Finishes

Another way to achieve the rustic look when repainting your kitchen cabinets is by glazing or antiquing them. This will create a distressed, aged look that just screams rustic. At the same time, these techniques can add depth and charm, completely transforming your cabinets and your entire kitchen space. 

Wood Stains

Beyond repainting your kitchen cabinets a color, you can also opt to stain them instead. Hardwood is naturally rustic and offers beauty and warmth that will make your kitchen the hearty place you want it to be. You can opt for a richer, more dramatic shade. Either way, the beauty of your hardwood cabinets will shine through and illuminate the space. 

Rustic Touches

In addition to repainting your cabinets, you can add certain decorative touches that further add a rustic aesthetic to your kitchen. Larger investments include anything from a copper hood over your stove to adding faux wood ceiling beams, or a stone or brick accent wall. 

Other, more cost-friendly steps include placing a kerosene lamp on one of the counters, hanging woven baskets from the ceiling, showcasing copper cookware on open shelving, or hanging pastoral pieces of art on the walls. For your fixtures, like lighting and faucets, think copper, antique brass, or oil-rubbed bronze.  

Get Expert Help Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’d like a professional to handle the work of repainting your kitchen cabinets, turn to N-Hance®. We can transform them from dated and drab to charming and warm. We offer a palette of 12 colors to choose from, as well as 12 stains. We can even match a sample you bring us. 

If you’d like to antique or glaze your cabinets, our team of craftsmen can help there as well. We’ll bring rustic appeal to your kitchen in a way that is efficient, durable, and affordable. 

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