Ready for an upgrade to your kitchen that doesn’t come with a huge price tag? Cabinet painting makes it possible. 

In fact, when performed properly, painting your cabinets can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. Add in new hardware, like door knobs and drawer handles, and you can get a gorgeous new space for a fraction of the price of a remodel.

However, when it comes to cabinet painting, not all companies are created equal. At N-Hance®, we do things differently from traditional companies. Not only do we provide a faster turnaround, but a more beautiful and durable product in the end. We do this all in a budget-friendly way that works for you. 

Wondering how we can possibly offer you all that (and more)? Here are just a few reasons N-Hance is the better choice for cabinet painting:

Our Proprietary Cleaning Solution

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets is a critical part of the painting process and takes more than quickly wiping them down. Unfortunately, many traditional cabinet painters don’t do it thoroughly – or at all. This impacts the finish and its ability to last, particularly in a kitchen environment.

It’s why, at N-Hance, we use a special, proprietary cleaning solution that eliminates the dirt, oils, grease, and other buildup on your cabinets. It not only cleans the surface of your cabinets but actually draws the dirt out of the wood pores. This ensures that paint sticks better and doesn’t peel or chip. 

Our Special Cabinet Primer

When priming your cabinets, many companies use a wall primer. These products are great…on walls. However, when it comes to cabinets, they don’t provide the heavy duty coverage that’s required to stop bleedthrough and block stains. 

Over time, you might notice the old paint color on your cabinets coming through. In addition, in an environment like a kitchen, where there’s lots of grease and splatter, it can be more difficult for paint to stick to cabinets without the right primer. 

With N-Hance, these issues are never a concern. We use a specialized primer that’s been designed with cabinets in mind. It ensures strong adhesion of the paint to your cabinets, providing an ultra-durable end result without any old colors or stains coming through. You’ll only see a smooth, factory-like finish once we’re done painting your cabinets. 

Our Chip-Resistant Paints

You want a beautiful new color on your kitchen cabinets. However, with a busy life, durability is just as important as aesthetics. Many traditional painting companies use latex products that look good at first, yet can chip and get damaged quickly with heavy duty usage. 

At N-Hance, we take a different approach when we’re painting cabinets. Whatever color you choose is mixed with an acrylic polyurethane blend. This provides a stronger finish, one that lasts longer and offers scratch-, chip-, and peel-resistance. 

Our Streak-Free Process

When painting your cabinets, some companies use brushes that can leave behind drip marks and visible brush strokes. Your eye will go immediately to these imperfections each time you walk into your kitchen. 

At N-Hance, we use specialized equipment to spray your cabinet doors, drawers, and boxes, creating an entirely smooth finish. Since N-Hance’s paint is thinner than typical products, it is applied in layers for complete coverage without any imperfections. We can deliver cabinets that look like they were just installed from the factory, all at a far lower cost than replacements. When we’re spraying your cabinet boxes, we’ll also ensure your counters, floors, and other areas in your kitchen are sealed off, so there’s never any paint splatter on them.

Our Instant Curing Technique 

Some cabinet painting companies use a top coat that takes days to dry. As a result, you’re left with a kitchen you can’t use for some time. Even then, there can still be smudges and fingerprints if you get back into your kitchen too early. 

There is a better way with N-Hance. We’re able to offer a faster turnaround with our exclusive Lightspeed® system. During the process, we apply a clear top coat to your cabinets. We then use Lightspeed to instantly cure cabinets – in just seconds – with a powerful UV light. 

This produces a rock-hard finish that stands up to your everyday life, whether you have a busy family or entertain regularly. In addition, it will minimize downtime, so we can complete the project quickly and you can get back into your kitchen. 

Our Many Cabinet Painting Colors

When you’re choosing to paint your cabinets, you might have a color in mind or be open to suggestions. Whatever the situation, N-Hance offers many possibilities.

You can explore the N-Hance Color Palette that offers 12 beautiful hues to choose from. If, however, you have a different color in mind, just bring us a sample. We can match it and ensure we’re bringing your vision to life in a way you love.

Best of all? With N-Hance, you never have to settle for cabinets that look like they’ve been painted. Thanks to the process we follow, we’ll ensure they’re flawless without drips or brush strokes. We can also paint them a color that adds more style or sophistication to your kitchen, all while negating the chips and scratches that have built up over time. 

Finally, we always have an eye on the bottom line and can deliver all this at a price you’re comfortable with. In fact, with N-Hance, you never have to compromise. We’re the easy and affordable choice for cabinets that look brand new. 

If you’re ready to find out more about our cabinet painting process, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today to set up a FREE design consultation.