Whether your kitchen is large or small, sleek or bohemian, light and bright, or cozy and rustic, your cabinets are well-used and get a lot of foot traffic. It’s why cabinet storage solutions are essential. Whatever the outside of your cabinets look like, inside, you want them tidy and organized – with everything in easy reach. 

N-Hance® can help. We offer more than cabinet painting, refacing, and refinishing services for the exterior. We also have a wide range of storage solutions for the inside. You can increase the functionality of your cabinets and your kitchen, so you can entertain with ease, or simply enjoy a quiet meal without having to dig through cluttered drawers and cabinets.

We have solutions for every kitchen and every need. However, our favorites include the following:

Hide Your Trash Can

No one wants a messy, dirty trash can cluttering up the kitchen. Many homeowners try placing it under the sink, but this makes it hard to reach and can create its own mess and clutter. 

With our pull-out trash can, you can keep your garbage out of sight – and out of reach from pets and small children. Keep the cabinet pull out drawer open while you’re doing dishes to scrape plates and then allow it to quietly slide back into place with a soft-close system.

If you’d like to further upgrade the trash can pull-out, we can add separate bins for recycling and regular garbage. This allows you to quickly and easily separate what goes in the trash from what goes into recycling. Regardless of which option you choose, all are designed with the same soft-closing slides that close quietly. 

Get More from Under-Sink Space 

With our under-sink Portero storage solution, you can get this often under-utilized cabinet into shape. It comes with a heavy gauge wire basket ideal for storing your cleaning supplies. This storage solution also extends for easy access and even features a sturdy plastic base.

You can also protect the surface under your sink with our under-sink mat. This will shield the interior of this particular cabinet from spills and splatter. If there is a spill, the mat makes it easier to clean up. 

Transform Cluttered Drawers

If you have cooking utensils, measuring cups, cookie cutters, and more jammed into drawers, it’s hard to find what you need. Make life easier in your kitchen with our range of drawer organizers. 

We offer organizers specifically designed around the sizes of standard utensils, so everything has a home and is easier to find. Our dividers are even made from quality maple hardwood and trimmed to precisely fit into place. 

Another popular option is our spice drawer organizer. With it, you can skip the search for the spice you need and see everything, all at once. It’s built with three tiers for spices and one deeper storage compartment in the back. 

Clean Off Counters 

When you invest in cabinet storage solutions, the inside of your cabinets will not only be more organized, but the top of your counters less cluttered. You can remove items typically stored on countertops and place them inside your cabinets instead. 

For instance, with the base utility pull-out, we can create a customized insert for any household items you commonly use, like knives. We can also build pull-out drawers for inside your base cabinets where you can store heavier items that see only limited use. 

Find Out More About Our Cabinet Storage Solutions!

At N-Hance, we can transform the exterior of your cabinets and the interior too, so your whole kitchen works better for you. You can improve the flow of your kitchen and save time and hassle. 

When it comes to storage, N-Hance will expertly measure your cabinets and then trim our solutions to fit precisely. We can also offer recommendations for any unique cabinet space helping you to make the most of it. 

Make your kitchen more functional with our cabinet storage solutions. Find out more by calling N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today to set up a FREE consultation.