When it comes to white kitchen cabinets, you can’t go wrong. Whether your home is sleek and modern, rustic and warm, traditional and elegant, or transitional and eclectic, white cabinets can complement any aesthetic. 

White also makes spaces appear larger by reflecting light, making white cabinets ideal for smaller kitchens. White also offers a blank canvas, allowing you to add bold splashes of color, pattern, and texture to your decor, countertops, and tile backsplash. 

The advantages of white kitchen cabinets don’t stop there. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, white cabinets are an excellent investment. After all, any buyer can envision themselves in a kitchen with neutral cabinets. This can also positively impact the time to sell and even the final purchase price. 

That said, there are many shades of white kitchen cabinets, from bright white to warmer white and everything in between. To help you select the perfect choice for your culinary haven, here are seven N-Hance® projects to inspire you. 

Combining White and Black Cabinets for a Modern Look

In this project, our team took dated, lightly stained cabinets and upgraded them with newly refaced white cabinets that delivered a more modern vibe. We also enhanced the kitchen with a two-toned approach. We achieved this by painting the kitchen island cabinets Black Fox from Sherwin Williams, while treating the rest of the base and upper cabinets to Pure White, also from Sherwin Williams. 

The result is a stylish, sophisticated look that helps to highlight the beautiful backsplash tilework, which previously blended into the background. We also updated the hardware to an option with cleaner lines for a sleek feel and functionality at its finest. 

Using Pure White for a Contemporary Look

For this project, our customer wanted to revamp their cherry red kitchen cabinets, which soaked in the sunlight and made their kitchen appear dark and small. We transformed the room completely with newly refaced cabinets in Pure White from Sherwin Williams. This client also opted to install contemporary brushed nickel hardware and added in custom crown molding to the upper cabinets. 

The homeowner then took the updates a step further by investing in a beautiful pale blue tile backsplash that contrasts perfectly with the Pure White cabinets. The drab, dreary kitchen is now brighter, appears more spacious, and offers a more refined aesthetic. 

White Cabinets Also Work for Warm & Rustic

What a difference paint color can make! This customer had wood stained cabinets that blended in with their kitchen’s hardwood floors and tile backsplash. As a result, there was no definition to the space. 

Our cabinet painting team got to work, adding a ton of flair by refacing and painting the cabinets on the expansive kitchen island Intense White from Benjamin Moore. The remaining upper and base cabinets were refaced and finished with Wrought Iron, also from Benjamin Moore. 

This served up loads of contrast, style, and visual interest, all while keeping the kitchen warm and rustic, and staying true to the customer’s unique aesthetic. We also recommended ditching the cluttered moveable kitchen island, making the room look and feel larger and more inviting. 

Using White to Make a Space Feel Larger

Before we painted the cabinets in this kitchen, it was really dark. There was also no definition to the room because the cabinets and hardwood floor were so close in color. 

Working with the client, we transformed this kitchen with cabinets painted White Wing by CIL Paints. This opened up the space dramatically, making it appear significantly larger. At the same time, we kept the kitchen island color, which created a visual anchor that contrasted beautifully with the countertops and white island bar chairs.

The customer kept their already contemporary cabinet hardware and lighting and opted to upgrade the countertops to a white and gray material that was more up-to-date than the previous countertop. The end result was impressive and the customer was nothing short of thrilled.  

White is Ideal for Two-Toned Cabinets

This is another cabinet painting project where the customer opted for a two-toned approach. In this case, we took bland, beige cabinets that blended in with the light hardwood floors, and elevated them with White Wing on the base cabinets and Night Club on the upper cabinets and kitchen island cabinets. Both paint colors come from CIL Paints.

This elevated the sophistication of the space significantly, while also making it appear more expansive. The White Wing base cabinets anchored the room and contrasted with the floor, while the Night Club upper cabinets and kitchen island added dimension and richness. It was a perfect marriage of light and dark, as well as playfulness and sophistication. 

Using Warm White with Gray

White often brings a more modern vibe to mind, yet this project proved it can be high-end and luxurious too. This particular kitchen had gorgeous architectural lines and upscale finishes, yet looked dated due to the wood stained cabinets. 

We rolled up our sleeves and added a dash of playfulness by painting the island cabinets Welded Iron by Behr. The remaining cabinets were treated to Silky White, also by Behr. This shade is on the warmer end of the white spectrum and paired perfectly with the existing globe light fixtures and gray subway tile backsplash. 

The contrast provided by the Silky White cabinets also enhanced the backsplash by highlighting it and bringing it to life. Overall, we made the kitchen look refreshed and revitalized while still maintaining its sumptuous appeal.  

White Cabinets Create a Balanced Look

This particular kitchen project was a challenge due to the bold, rustic, knotty, hardwood cabinets. While the cabinets themselves were beautiful, they stood awkwardly against shiny gray subway tile and stainless steel appliances. 

We made the space more cohesive by painting the upper and base cabinets Peppery by Behr. This allowed some of the knots to still show through but in a much more minimalistic way. (So, if you’re wondering if you can reduce the appearance of wood grain and knots with cabinet painting, we can tell you: Absolutely!) 

We also added a dose of color to the island with Dove, also by Behr. This is a warm gray that offered a feeling of serenity that contrasted well with the busy designer countertops. For this customer, we even took our painting efforts a step further and tackled their staircase banister. This produced a well-balanced, modern look elsewhere in their home. 

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