Your floors take a beating and might be showing some wear and tear, as a result. Even if foot traffic isn’t a problem, sunlight, water damage, rearranging furniture, pets, and other issues can cause noticeable damage to your floors. Considering hardwood floors are a valuable asset to any home, it’s important to maintain them. Yet, how can you tell if it’s time for hardwood floor refinishing? 

Here’s what to know before you get started. 

Rate Your Hardwood Floors for Refinishing

To evaluate whether your hardwood floors are a candidate for refinishing, take a look at them and evaluate them for any of the following:

  • Pet stains
  • Gray, worn-out areas
  • Separation between planks
  • Stains from paint or marker
  • Joint separation or holes
  • Sun fading
  • Scratches and gouges
  • Water damage and cupping

If you notice any of these issues, then your hardwood floors are likely a good candidate for refinishing. However, before calling N-Hance®, take note of the size and age of the floors, whether they are full hardwood or engineered, the type of wood they’re made from, and the rooms they’re located in. 

Also, give your floors a rating based on the system below to determine if they are very damaged, moderately damaged, slightly damaged, or in good condition. That way, once you call us, we’ll be able to provide more detailed information about how we can meet your needs. 

  • Badly damaged (0-2): If your floors fall in this category, you might notice large gaps between boards, as well as holes and loose planks. There might also be water damage, deep scratches, and raw wood exposed.
  • Moderately damaged (3-5): Moderately damage can include tack strip holes left behind from the removal of carpet. Also, areas with missing finish, color loss from the sun, or minor cupping from water damage are common signs of moderate damage.
  • Slight damage (6-7): Floors in this category simply need a touch-up. There might be some minor scratches and visible wear and tear. If there is minor sun or water damage, or small separations between boards, this is also considered slight.
  • Good condition (8-9): Floors in good condition typlically just need some shine and luster to refresh their appearance. Typically only a cleaning and fresh coating of stain are needed.

How N-Hance Refinishes Hardwood Floors

Whichever category your floors fall into, N-Hance can bring them back to life, beautifully. We offer classic floor refinishing, as well as hardwood refinishing and restoration for more seriously damaged floors. Simply reach out to our team and let us know where your floors fall on the rating scale above. We can explain your options and ways we can bring the beauty and luster back to your floors. 

A solid, plank hardwood floor is the best candidate for refinishing. However, we do offer options for non-sandable floors, like bamboo and engineered wood. 

Whatever type of hardwood floors you have in your home, we will refinish them using our innovative, state-of-the-art process. It typically only takes a day for us to refinish your hardwood floors and is a great alternative to traditional refinishing because it requires very little sanding. 

Even if your floors have deep scratches, discolored wood, or separations between the planks, we can repair these and other issues. One of our technicians will carefully evaluate your floors, so you know the cost ahead of time. That way, there aren’t any surprises.

Once we get to work, our craftsmen will fix issues, screening and filling deep scratches, stains, and gaps in floorboards. When we’re done, all those signs of damage will vanish and your floors will look like new.

We’ll then refinish them and use our proprietary UV Lightspeed® system to cure your floors instantly. This means you don’t have to wait days or weeks to walk on your floors. There’s minimal downtime with our approach, so you can get to your normal schedule quickly. 

When we’re done, your floors will be restored to their original beauty. In fact, you’ll soon forget they were even damaged. Even in cases where your hardwood floors have serious issues, we can typically complete the project in one to two days and give you refinished floors that shine. 

With hardwood floor refinishing from N-Hance, we can transform scratched, dull, damaged floors, so they look like-new. Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.