Hardwood floors are beautiful, elegant, allergen-free, and never go out of style. However, to maintain this valuable asset, it’s important to care for them properly. When you do, you can expect them to look polished and pristine and last longer. Here are some tips from the hardwood floor refinishing team at N-Hance® to help you in the process. 

Protect Your Floors

Make sure that you take off your shoes and ask guests to do the same. You should also place mats at doorways, so people can wipe moisture, dirt, and mud from their shoes before walking inside. You can even create a cozy entryway area complete with a bench where you or guests can sit to remove wet shoes and boots, then place them on the moisture-proof mat. 

Another place to protect your hardwood floors after they’re refinished is under furniture. Make sure your couches, tables, and other furniture have floor pads underneath to protect the hardwood from scratches and dents.

Focus on High Traffic Areas

Once your refinishing service is complete, those spots where your hardwood floors are heavily used, like entryways or hallways, should be covered with an area rug. Underneath the rug, place a breathable rug pad so there’s no moisture accumulating. This will protect these high-foot traffic areas from wearing away or scuffing.

Clean Your Floors Right – & Routinely 

Wipe down your floors regularly with a mop or duster. You can also use a vacuum to remove dust, dirt, and pet hair. However, if you’re concerned about scratch marks, limit your vacuuming to using the upholstery attachment to get into corners and vacuum baseboards. 

If you want to wash the floors, avoid steamers, harsh chemicals, like ammonia, abrasive cleaners, and waxes. Instead, simply wipe or mop floors with a damp cloth. Don’t use so much water that it puddles on the surface and causes damage. If your floors are especially dirty, you can use a little dish soap or wood cleaner with warm water to mop them. 

Take Care of Spills Immediately 

Even if you don’t have kids or pets, life still gets messy. Don’t let spills ruin your floors. Whether it’s a pet accident, water spills, splashes, or any other kind of moisture, clean them up immediately. If it’s left to sit on the surface, water can lead to buckling, rings, and other more difficult-to-remove stains.

Keep Windows in Mind

If you have large windows with sunlight hitting your floors it can cause fading. In this case, consider window treatments that block the sun during certain times of the day. You can protect your newly refinished hardwood floors, whether you opt for curtains, drapes, shutters, or blinds. Keeping window coverings closed will help to cut down on the UV light hitting the surface of the floor and causing it to fade.

Maintaining your newly refinished hardwood floors is easy, with a little extra care. The good news is, the extra time you put in will be worth it. Over time, your hardwood floors will provide years of beauty and enjoyment in your home.

Want Your Hardwood Floors Refinished?

No matter the condition of your floors, N-Hance can transform them. Whether they are simply dull and drab or seriously damaged in spots, our hardwood floor refinishing experts will completely renew and restore them, so they are shiny and lustrous. 

We also offer a range of services to choose from, depending on the condition of your floors. We can refinish hardwood floors that have some light wear and tear or even significant damage, with our restoration services. We can fix everything from deep scratches to gouges and separated floor boards to discolored floors using our state-of-the-art approach. 

We can even refinish non-sandable floors, bringing them back to life so you don’t have to replace them. This service is ideal for surfaces, like cork or bamboo, as well as hand-scraped floors. We can even take care of those older floors that have been sanded down to tongue and groove from prior hardwood floor refinishing services and turn them around.

In the process, we use our unique Lightspeed® light-curing system to instantly cure your floors with UV light, providing a rock-hard, durable finish. This is more convenient for you since you won’t have to remain off the floors for days or weeks, like with traditional hardwood floor refinishing. Instead, you can get back to life with minimal disruption and beautiful hardwood floors in your home. 

Once we’re done, we’ll walk you through the best way to maintain your unique floors, so they last for years to come. From start to finish, our team will partner with you to ensure you are completely thrilled with the work and understand how to take care of your floors in the future.

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