Have your hardwood floors taken a beating? Are they looking scuffed up, worn out, or discolored in areas? It’s time to call N-Hance® and ask about our hardwood floor refinishing service. 

We work on wood floors of all kinds, even non-sandable ones. These include cork, hand-scraped hardwood, and bamboo. We can also refinish engineered floors, distressed floors, and those that have already been sanded down to tongue and groove. 

How Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process Works

Typically, with most hardwood refinishing projects, floors need to be sanded for the best results. In the past, if you had a type of non-traditional floor, like cork or bamboo, this meant you were out of luck if you wanted to refinish them. With few options for restoring them, you either had to live with damage and imperfections or replace them entirely.

However, at N-Hance, we take a different approach to hardwood floor refinishing, one that works on non-sandable floors. We use abrasive pads and a liquid solution to refinish the floors. This means you can say good-bye to the scuffs, scratches and other flaws you’ve been living with and get floors that look like they were just installed.

Since we don’t sand these floors, there won’t be dust particles getting into the air, contaminating its quality or irritating your family or pets. This is critically important since dust from sanding has been linked to both the risk of acute and chronic respiratory illness.

In addition, your furniture and home won’t be coated with a layer of dust that you have to clean once we’re finished. Instead, thanks to our unique approach to hardwood refinishing, we give you floors that are restored and beautiful without the mess or disruption. 

Often, companies use harsh chemicals to strip old finishes and apply new ones. N-Hance uses water-based finishes that have lower VOCs than competitors. There won’t be lingering fumes or harsh odors. N-Hance offers these benefits along with excellent quality coverage and a durable finish; the best of both worlds. 

Another benefit of our process is our proprietary Lightspeed® system. With Lightspeed, we use UV light to cure your floors instantly. You don’t have to wait around and stay off your floors for days, like with a traditional approach to hardwood floor refinishing. With Lightspeed, you can use your floors again immediately, plus they will have a more durable finish giving you long lasting beauty. 

Finally, when it comes to hardwood floor refinishing, we’re the more affordable choice. In fact, we’re often able to refinish your floors at a fraction of the cost of traditional companies since there’s less clean-up involved.

Other N-Hance Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

In addition to refinishing non-sandable floors, we also offer traditional floor refinishing. This is ideal for oak, maple, cherry, walnut, and most other hardwood flooring you have in your home. 

When you choose N-Hance, we will renew the original shine and luster of your floors in a way that minimizes mess and downtime. They will be like-new, quickly, so you can enjoy them once again. 

If you have classic hardwood floors that are deeply damaged, we can even work on those. This includes flooring with large scratches, widespread discoloration, and deep gouges. In just a couple of days, we can restore them, even if they’re heavily worn out or seriously damaged. 

Ready to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

Call our team to schedule a consultation. We’ll be able to give you a detailed price quote and turnaround time based on the specifics of your project. We can also help you through the color selection process, so you choose a stain you love, whether it’s similar to your existing floor color or something deeper and richer. 

If you’re ready to restore your floors to like-new condition with our hardwood floor refinishing service, Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.