Have your hardwood floors seen better days? Are you thinking of replacing them? Before you do, consider N-Hance® for hardwood floor refinishing. We take a unique approach to the process and can refinish hardwood flooring of all types, in all kinds of conditions, even severely damaged floors.

Why Opt for Hardwood Refinishing Instead of Replacing?

Refinishing hardwood floors can do wonders, removing scratches, dents, discolorations, and even gaps in floorboards. Your floors will look vastly improved and with the potential to look like-new, depending on their age and condition.

At N-Hance, we can not only save your floors but save you money in the process. That’s because replacing hardwood floors requires an extensive amount of labor and materials when compared to refinishing. It also means costly demolition work that can uncover unexpected issues that are expensive to fix. 

With refinishing, you don’t have to deal with these hassles and headaches. As a result, you’ll get a higher return on your investment. Whether you plan to live in your home for years to come or sell soon, hardwood floors add value because they are in demand. In fact, they are the top choice for home buyers.

When your hardwood floors are beautifully restored at a much lower cost than replacing, you can enjoy enhanced appeal inside and a higher home resale value. It’s why refinishing your hardwood floors is an excellent investment in the long run.

How N-Hance Approaches Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Even when floors are in terrible condition, the team at N-Hance can salvage and restore your hardwood floors, so they’re lustrous and beautiful once again. In the process, we take a different approach that is healthier for your family and faster, too. We offer several different services to choose from, including:

Classic Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If you have traditional hardwood floors that need to be refreshed, our classic hardwood floor refinishing service is the right fit for you. We’ll give your floors back their shine and beauty, and eliminate those imperfections that have been catching your eye. 

We even use an approach that is dust-free. Rather than harsh products to strip the old stain and large drum sanders, we rely on a revolutionary water-based, liquid abrasion treatment. It removes the old stain and minor scratches, dents, discolorations, and other flaws. This process is effective without the hazards, harsh fumes, and dust that can cause irritation to your family members and pets. You’ll simply get beautifully restored floors, faster.

Hardwood Restoration

If your hardwood floors are especially old, in poor condition, or highly damaged, our hardwood restoration service can often help. Whether there’s widespread discoloration, gouges, and scratches, or even separated floorboards, we can repair many of these problems and restore your hardwood floors beautifully using a screen and fill process. 

We’ll then use our proprietary liquid abrasion treatment to prepare your floors for refinishing. During this process, we take great care to deliver a smooth, like-new appearance.

Non-Sandable Floor Refinishing

If you have cork, bamboo, hand-scraped, or pre-engineered hardwood floors, we can help there, too. We offer non-sandable floor renewal services for these types of floors. Since we don’t sand, but use our liquid abrasion treatment, we can refinish and restore these hardwood floors to their original glory. 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing…in As Little As One Day!

Whatever service you’re interested in, we will refinish and cure your hardwood floors with our LightSpeed® system. This is exclusive to our company and uses UV light technology to cure the refinished surface in seconds, not hours or days. 

This process also produces a stronger, more durable finish that stands up to high foot traffic and everyday life. Thanks to LightSpeed, we can even complete many hardwood floor refinishing projects in as little as one day.

Ready to find out more about hardwood floor refinishing in your home? Call N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation and quote.