If you have wood floors that are beat up, scuffed, scratched or discolored, hardwood floor refinishing can beautifully bring them back to life. When you choose N-Hance® to handle the job, you can also take advantage of a process that is cleaner, faster, affordable, and delivers a durable, long-lasting finish. Here’s how. 

3 Steps to Beautifully Refinished Hardwood Floors

At N-Hance, we don’t refinish hardwood floors in the same way as traditional companies do. Instead, we have a one-of-a-kind, proprietary process that has none of the mess or odors typical with most refinishing projects. 

For you and your family, this means you won’t be inhaling irritating dust particles. At the same time, the finishes we use are more eco-friendly, without the harsh fumes that traditional finishes emit. This further reduces indoor air pollution, so you can breathe easier. 

Our unique process includes:

Step 1: Preparing Your Floors

Typically, the first step when refinishing hardwood floors is to sand them. This removes the layer of wood that is discolored or damaged. It also roughens the surface, adding texture that makes it easier for the new finish to adhere. However, this process comes with drawbacks, namely all the dust that gets into the air and all over your home. 

With a traditional approach, you’ll find yourself cleaning up dust for weeks after, since it gets everywhere. It’s difficult, frustrating, and also poses a health risk to your family, particularly those with allergies or other pulmonary-related conditions. 

That’s why N-Hance uses a liquid abrasion treatment to prep your floors for the new finish. This has the same effect as sanding but is cleaner for the air and your home in general. If there are any areas that need some extra attention and repairs, we can tackle those, as well, using wood filler to repair small cracks, gouges, and knot and nail holes. 

Step 2: Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Not only is our prepping process different, but so too are the finishes we apply. We use water-based polyurethane finishes that are beautiful, yet friendlier for the environment and the air you’re breathing in. 

In the past, oil-based finishes have been the norm. However, these are potentially toxic to small pets and the smell alone can irritate your family over a period of months. This is due to the high level of Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, found in these products. 

At N-Hance, our goal is to give you beautifully refinished hardwood floors in a way that does not pose negative effects to your loved ones and pets. For instance, our water-based finishes contain lower levels of VOCs. They also don’t have the same toxic solvents that oil-based finishes are made with.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about irritating fumes in your home once your project is complete. At the same time, you can still get the crystal-clear, lustrous finish you want that will bring your hardwood floors back to life in a long-lasting and durable way. 

Step 3: Curing Your Floors Instantly

With traditional refinishing companies, you have to wait days for your floors to cure, meaning you can’t use them. This is a big disruption to your life. 

However, with N-Hance, we’ve developed our exclusive Lightspeed® UV system that cures your floors in a matter of seconds. The finish is rock-hard thanks to the ultraviolet light, while also cutting down on disruption to your life substantially.

Overall, the project time is far shorter than with traditional companies, which can take up to several days. Our hardwood floor refinishing, on the other hand, often can be completed in just a day or two. This translates into less downtime and beautifully refinished hardwood floors you can use quickly. 

Plus, because we don’t sand in the same way other companies do – and we instantly cure your floors – you don’t have to worry about extraneous dust or grit settling into the new finish while you’re waiting for the finish to dry. This leads to higher-quality results that can boost your home’s value.

Call N-Hance to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors Faster & More Affordably 

When you choose N-Hance, you’ll get newly refinished hardwood floors in an affordable way. In fact, our cost is often a fraction of the price of traditional wood refinishers thanks to the efficient approach we take to the job.

In addition, whether your floors have some light wear-and-tear or serious damage, we can refinish and restore them, so they look like new. We even offer a hardwood restoration service in some locations for floors that are badly damaged, whether with deep gouges, large scratches, severe discoloration, or issues from pets or furniture. We are your full-service partner for rich, lustrous, like-new hardwood floors.

Hardwood floor refinishing from N-Hance can renew your floors without mess, odor, or long disruptions to your life. Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.