Your hardwood floors take a beating over time. Whether they’re scuffed, scratched, discolored in areas, or dull, they could use a boost. That’s where hardwood floor refinishing from N-Hance® can help.

Your whole home will be enhanced in the process with floors that shine and complement the space. 

Why Hardwood Floor Refinishing is So Much Easier with N-Hance

At N-Hance, our process is less messy and time-consuming because we don’t sand like traditional hardwood floor refinishing companies do. This means there’s no dust landing on surfaces and getting into the nooks and crannies of your home. Even if you’re meticulous about vacuuming and dusting, you’ll still find dust months later with traditional refinishing.

With our approach, though, you won’t spend weeks cleaning. Nor will you have to worry about your family members or pets breathing in air filled with dangerous dust particles. This is important because airborne sand has been linked to an increased risk of acute and chronic respiratory illnesses.

So, how do we avoid the sanding process? We use a liquid abrasion product instead. Traditional hardwood floor refinishing companies use drum sanders, which release loads of dust into the air. Our product works by removing the old layer of finish and eliminating minor wear and tear in the process. This is a less messy, noisy and disruptive way to get beautifully refinished floors. 

Since we don’t sand, we can even refinish cork, bamboo and other non-sandable wood floors, like hand-scraped ones. We can also use our approach on old hardwood floors that are sanded down to tongue-and-groove by previous refinishing projects.

Another benefit of our approach? Besides zero sanding, we don’t use products that release harsh chemical fumes into the air. In fact, our solvents and floor finishes are low-VOC and water-based, so you don’t have to worry about lingering smells irritating your loved ones and pets. Our process is the ideal choice if you have children, animals or loved ones with allergies or respiratory issues.

We can even cure your floors instantly, so there’s no waiting time for them to dry. With our Lightspeed® Nano UV system, your floors will be cured in seconds, providing a durable and long-lasting finish. The speed at which Lightspeed works further reduces the potential for lingering fumes in the air.

All this combines to deliver a faster turnaround time. We won’t disrupt your life for days or weeks with our hardwood floor refinishing process. Instead, we’ll restore them quickly at a fraction of the time it takes with a conventional approach. 

With a traditional company, it can take up to a full week for your new floors to cure. Until that happens, you can’t walk on them, move your furniture back in, or use them in any way. Otherwise, you’ll risk the finish and all the money you spent on it. 

With our process, it only takes 1-2 days until your hardwood floors are refinished and they will be completely cured when we leave. You also won’t have to worry about airborne particles or dust landing on still-drying floors and damaging the finish.

Hardwood Floors Badly Damaged? No Problem

If your floors are seriously damaged, more so than a light level of wear and tear, then we recommend our hardwood restoration service. This is an ideal choice for floors with deep scratches or gouges, serious discoloration, or other heavier damage, which we can screen and fill. 

Thanks to our experienced technicians, we can even fix separated floor boards and areas that have been worn down to bare wood. They work diligently and tirelessly to give you the gorgeous floors you want to complement your home. 

Even if your hardwood floors are badly damaged, our approach to refinishing is still sand-less and can be performed quickly using our Lightspeed system. Your floors will look lustrous, beautiful, and flawless once we’re done. 

Get a Free Estimate on Hardwood Floor Refinishing

You might be waiting to get your hardwood floors refinished due to the cost. Yet, with N-Hance, our approach is convenient and affordable. We’ll be in and out of your house in just a couple of days, or even less. 

Since our approach is faster and less labor-intensive, it’s also more cost-effective when compared to traditional hardwood floor refinishers. We invite you to take a look at some of our before and after pictures and see for yourself the transformations we’ve made. 

Hardwood floor refinishing is easier and far less disruptive with N-Hance. Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.