Are your cabinets driving you crazy? Are they scratched and beat up due to years of wear and tear? Perhaps they’re dated and look like they’re from another century? Whatever the case, if you’d like to refresh your cabinets in a big way – but on a smaller budget – N-Hance® can help!  We are your go-to source for cabinet refacing services that are a fraction of the cost of a full cabinet remodel. You’ll get style and durability all in a way that doesn’t break the bank. Here’s how. 

A Look at the Cost of Cabinet Refacing 

According to Modernize, the average cost for refacing kitchen cabinets is $6,750. A full cabinet replacement, on the other hand, is $25,000 to $30,000, or even more depending on the size of the kitchen and your design selections. When you opt for cabinet refacing, you can get like-new cabinets that look as if they are fresh from the factory at a fourth of the cost of fully replacing them. It’s truly the best of both worlds for homeowners.

So the question is: Why the huge discrepancy in cost between refacing versus replacing cabinets? A few expenses that go into the final tally include:

Materials: Less Is More with Cabinet Refacing 

Refacing instead of replacing means less material to get the job done. Rather than ripping out the cabinet boxes, cabinet refacing keeps the boxes intact. They’re simply refinished or repainted to match your new cabinet door and drawer front selections. Since the cabinet boxes remain in place, there’s less material needed, leading to a lower overall cost.

Labor: Lower Costs for Cabinet Refacing vs. Replacing 

Another cost that’s lower when it comes to cabinet refacing involves labor. The amount you’ll save depends on where you live. For instance, labor costs tend to be higher in more urban areas versus rural or suburban locations. 

However, in general, refacing is not as labor-intensive as replacing cabinets. There’s no need for demolition, plumbing or electrical work, or reconfiguring of the flow of your kitchen. Less labor translates to a lower overall price tag. 

Hidden Costs: There Aren’t Any with Cabinet Refacing 

Replacing cabinets is a far more complicated process that can be filled with hidden costs. For instance, your contractor might find problems with the floors or walls when they tear out your old cabinets. In addition, if the footprint of your new cabinets is different or smaller than your existing ones, you’ll have to replace your flooring or extend it. 

With cabinet refacing, these unexpected costs are not an issue since your cabinet boxes stay in place. As long as your cabinets are structurally sound and you like the overall configuration of your kitchen, refacing is simple and straightforward. You’ll get beautifully transformed cabinets without the headache and hassle of costly surprises. 

Timeframe: A Faster Turnaround with Cabinet Refacing

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is a much bigger job that requires more time and effort, leading to a longer turnaround. When you are doing cabinet demolition and replacement, there are lots of factors that can delay the project and affect the timeline. These include everything from adjusting the position of the light fixtures and outlets to installing countertops on top of your new cabinets. These costs add up fast, further increasing the final bill for your kitchen remodel. 

With refacing, though, you can keep all the details of your kitchen in place, like the lighting and countertops, without having to rewire or rework anything. As a result, the turnaround time is much faster, usually three to five days, for cabinets that look like new.

Other Costs Related to Cabinet Refacing and Replacing 

When you choose cabinet refacing, you’ll spend a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. In addition, refacing allows you to keep your high-quality hardwood cabinet boxes. 

This is important since cabinets made today aren’t as durable as those produced decades ago. If you have solid hardwood cabinets that are in good condition, refacing the doors and drawer fronts allows you to maintain the integrity of the boxes without compromising your home’s value.  

That said, there are some variables that will still affect the price, whether you’re replacing your cabinets or refacing them. For instance, the number of cabinets you have will impact the cost. A smaller, more compact kitchen will obviously cost less than a larger space with more cabinets, regardless of whether you want to fully replace or simply reface.

In addition, any design updates you make can impact the cost. Even if they are budget-friendly, they can still add up and are important to keep in mind. These include:

  • Upgrading the hardware, such as pulls and knobs
  • Adding crown molding to the upper cabinets
  • Changing out cabinet panels for glass inserts
  • Integrating under cabinet lighting
  • Investing in cabinet storage solutions, like a wine rack or pull-out garbage and recycle bin

Get a Big Cabinet Upgrade at a Cost You Can Afford

If you’d like to explore the costs of cabinet refacing for your home, turn to N-Hance. We offer free design consultations and can walk you through your options and our process while also providing you with a detailed price quote. You’ll get the information you need to make the best decision for the value of your home and your budget.

Are you ready for an incredible kitchen transformation at a cost that’s more comfortable for you? Turn to N-Hance for our cabinet refacing services! Call (855) 642-6230 today to request a FREE estimate.