Want a big upgrade to your cabinets without breaking your budget? Consider a cabinet door replacement. At N-Hance®, we can revive your kitchen with new, custom-made doors and drawer fronts, delivering a major transformation simply and affordably.

In the process, you can choose from an array of door profiles and styles, wood types, and paint or stain colors so you get the custom look you want. Meanwhile, we’ll leave the cabinet boxes in place, refinishing or painting them to ensure a seamless match and a cohesive aesthetic. This hybrid approach results in less disruption to your family and money left over to update your appliances, countertops, lighting, or tile backsplash.

That said, cabinet refacing isn’t for every homeowner. For some, cabinet painting makes more sense, while for others a full cabinet replacement might be in order. To help you make an informed choice you feel good about, here’s what to know. 

Pros of Replacing Cabinet Doors

Cabinet door replacement, or cabinet refacing, is the process of removing and replacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones of your choosing. Since cabinet boxes remain in place, the cost is significantly less than a full cabinet replacement. 

Not only do cabinet door replacements cost less, but they also require less turnaround time. In fact, most replacements only take three to five days. This reduces disruption and downtime for your kitchen and your life. 

If your cabinets are dated, dinged up, and ready for a refresh – but in good condition otherwise – cabinet refacing is an easier, more affordable approach to updating their appearance. You can expect factory-like results that make your cabinets look like new. 

Cons of Replacing Cabinet Doors

There are some situations where replacing your cabinet doors doesn’t make sense. For instance, if your cabinets have structural integrity issues, you should consider replacing them fully instead. Cabinet refacing won’t fix issues with warping, buckling, or rotting. Save your money and replace your cabinets to add value and function to your kitchen.

In addition, if you don’t like the configuration of your kitchen, replacement doors and drawer fronts only upgrade the look, not the flow, of your kitchen. If you want to change the layout, consider a full kitchen redesign and cabinet replacement instead.

FAQs About Replacing Cabinet Doors

Whether you want to paint your cabinets, reface them, or replace them, it’s a significant investment for your home. To answer your questions, so you can make the right decision for your space, here are a few that we often get and the answers to each one.

What’s the Difference Between Cabinet Refacing and Replacing?

Cabinet refacing keeps the cabinet boxes in place and only changes out the doors and drawer fronts. The cabinet boxes therefore need to be updated to match your new cabinet doors.

Some companies will cover your cabinet boxes with a wood or thermofoil veneer. While the results look attractive in the short term, veneers can lower the value of your cabinets. They’re also tricky to repair and difficult to resurface, so you might not be able to reface your cabinets in the future. Learn more about the downsides of refacing with veneers.

At N-Hance, we apply a matching color finish to your cabinet boxes instead of refacing them with veneers. This way, your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts will perfectly match your existing cabinet boxes. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the common problems related to veneers.

What Are Cabinet Replacement Doors Made Of?

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when replacing cabinet doors is downgrading high-end materials to lower-quality ones. Most often, this involves replacing solid hardwood doors with MDF doors coated in thermofoil veneers.

While replacement cabinet doors made of MDF and thermofoil are much cheaper than hardwood doors, they have much lower long-term value. They degrade quickly and are prone to damage. To make matters worse, minor damage can’t be easily restored or repaired.

If you plan to own your home for several more years, replacing your cabinet doors with lower-quality materials could create an eyesore in your kitchen. And if you’re remodeling your kitchen with the intention of reselling, MDF and thermofoil cabinets could decrease the value of your home.

At N-Hance, you’ll have peace of mind with doors made from quality hardwood. You can choose from several different types, all while gaining the best return on your investment. 

What Doors and Drawer Front Styles Are Available?

If you’re thinking about replacing your cabinet doors, you’ll want to spend some time looking at different styles. Right now, the most popular ones include Shaker-style and flat-front doors, as well as traditional doors with low-key, rectilinear profiles. 

We also offer an array of options to further upgrade your kitchen cabinets. These include finishing techniques like antiquing or glazing, as well as crown molding, glass panel cabinet doors, and interior cabinet storage.

What Paint Colors Are Most Popular?

The most popular colors for replacement doors are whites, grays, blues, and two-toned cabinet paint colors. However, if you prefer the look of natural wood, you can opt for staining instead of painting. We also offer a full palette of other colors and we can even match a color sample you bring us. 

What Do I Do to Prepare My Kitchen for Your Service?

All you have to do is clean off your countertops and the top of the upper cabinets, as well as the interior of the cabinets and drawers. We’ll handle the rest!

Can You Make the Doors Close Slowly and Quietly?

Yes! At N-Hance, we can do more than improve the look of your cabinets by replacing the doors. We can improve how they function by including soft-close hinges and slides for quieter, smoother closing. 

Beyond soft-close hardware, we also offer:

  • Cabinet hardware
  • Pull out shelves
  • Hidden hinges
  • Wine racks
  • Open shelving 
  • And more!

Can You Repair a Badly Damaged Cabinet Drawer?

If you have a cabinet drawer that is badly damaged and beyond repair, we can order a replacement drawer that is custom-made to fit your space. This puts the option to reface in reach for many homeowners. 

Ready for a Change with Cabinet Replacement Doors?

Replacement cabinet doors are a popular option for kitchen remodeling projects. If you’re ready for a change, but don’t want to spend a fortune, consider refacing your cabinets. The team at N-Hance will guide you through the process from start to finish, starting with a free consultation. We’ll also provide you with transparent pricing, a detailed price quote, and a fast turnaround, usually around three to five days. 

Learn more about our replacement cabinet door services and request a FREE estimate by calling N-Hance today at (855) 642-6230.