At N-Hance®, we know how much of an impact professional refinishing can have on kitchen cabinets. But while most homeowners appreciate the impact refinishing has on the look and integrity of their cabinets, they’re unaware of other areas where professional cabinet refinishing makes a big difference.

When you’re deciding whether to refinish your cabinets, it’s worth considering the full impact that professional refinishing will have. That means looking at obvious benefits, like restoring your cabinets’ appearance and extending their lifespan.

But it also means looking at other factors — factors like the savings, eco-friendliness, and reduced health impacts of professional refinishing.

Restore the Appearance, Protect the Integrity of Your Cabinets

There’s a couple of obvious reasons to refinish your cabinets. Refinishing can restore old cabinets to a like-new appearance, and it can help extend the lifespan of high-quality cabinetry. In both cases, a professional cabinet refinishing service will have a big impact.

First off, professional refinishing can restore the natural beauty of cabinets. If your cabinets look especially faded and shabby, it’s easy to assume they need replacing. But more often than not, the only thing they need is a new finish. Instead of swapping out naturally beautiful hardwood for cheap-looking thermofoil, you can restore your cabinets to their original appearance.

Hiring a general contractor or attempting to refinish cabinets yourself can improve their appearance. But you’ll often end up with noticeable flaws. These can include pinhole bubbles, visible brushstrokes, or missed spots in recessed areas. With professional cabinet refinishing, you don’t need to worry about these problems.

By hiring a professional refinisher, you can also protect the integrity of hardwood cabinetry. Ask any contractor, and they’ll tell you that most modern cabinets have lower-quality construction and materials compared to hardwood cabinets from 20 or 30 years ago. But if you want your cabinets to retain their integrity, you need to maintain a healthy finish coat.

Once again, professional cabinet refinishing can make a big difference. Professional refinishers have the skills, tools, and experience to ensure a consistent finish coat with strong adhesion. The result is a longer-lasting finish, meaning longer-lasting protection for the underlying hardwood. A great refinishing service can even restore damaged cabinets by correcting or masking damaged areas.

The Wider Impact of Professional Cabinet Refinishing

While refinishing can restore the appearance and preserve the integrity of cabinets, professional cabinet refinishing can have an even wider impact. For example:

Compared to alternatives — like getting your cabinets refaced or replaced — professional cabinet refinishing is great for your budget. Refinishing costs roughly one-third of the expense to reface cabinets, and roughly one-fifth of what it costs to replace them. By opting to refinish your cabinets, you can save thousands of dollars. It can also help you retain your home’s value by preserving higher quality cabinets.

Getting your cabinets professionally refinished also helps save natural resources. If you’re refacing or replacing your cabinets, the materials for your new cabinet doors, frames, and/or shells will need to come from somewhere. With much of the world’s lumber produced unsustainably, this can do serious harm to forest ecosystems. Refinishing can therefore help prevent deforestation and the depletion of natural resources.

Finally, the right cabinet refinishing service will be healthier for your family. At N-Hance, our cabinet refinishing process helps minimize health concerns associated with refinishing. Traditional refinishing results in airborne wood dust and toxic fumes from solvent-based products. If you hire an inexperienced refinisher, or if you refinish your cabinets by yourself, you can end up polluting the air inside your home.

Meanwhile, the N-Hance process involves minimal sanding, meaning minimal wood dust. Plus, we use water-based polyurethane finishes — not solvent-based products. We also cure each finish coating instantly with our Lightspeed® Nano system. This way, you don’t need to worry about the lingering fumes produced by other refinishing methods.

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