Do you have dated-looking kitchen cabinets? Are they scuffed and scratched? Did you attempt a DIY paint job and hate the end results? Whatever the case, repainting your kitchen cabinets is better with N-Hance®

We can take dull, worn out, or unfashionable cabinets and bring them back to life in a way you absolutely love. We can even fix botched DIY jobs, whether you see brush strokes, drip marks, or other mistakes that grab your attention as soon as you walk into your kitchen.

In fact, a few common issues we help homeowners overcome include the following.

Problem #1: Keeping the Doors On

You may have thought it would save you time and energy to just paint your cabinets with the doors in place. Yet, if you went this route, you’re probably kicking yourself at this point. Not only does this make it difficult to get around hinges – leading to a sloppy end result – but it often causes drip marks and other imperfections. 

With N-Hance, you don’t have to worry about any of this. We’ll take the drawer fronts and cabinet doors off and bring them back to our shop, so there are never any careless mistakes. You’ll get a smooth, factory-life finish, the easy way.  

Problem #2: Not Taking Time to Adequately Prep

Prepping is the most important step when you’re repainting your kitchen cabinets. If, however, you’re not a professional, this process can often be mishandled. Not only can it impact the final look, but also the durability of your cabinets, meaning they can begin to chip and peel quickly after painting. In addition, if you don’t fix scratches and other damaged areas, these will stand out once repainted.

At N-Hance, we are meticulous about the way we prep. We will clean your cabinets thoroughly with a proprietary solution made to remove the grease, grime, and build up often found on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This provides a squeaky clean surface for us to apply the new finish. 

We will also repair any areas that are damaged and then prime your cabinets with a product designed especially for cabinets. The paint product we use will better adhere to your cabinets, as a result, without any stains or bleedthrough. 

Problem #3: Applying a Thick Layer of Paint

Think you can shorten the process by applying one, thick coat instead of multiple coats of paint? Think again. This will actually make your cabinets more susceptible to scratches, peeling, chipping, and other ugly flaws. The best approach to take is to apply multiple layers of thin paint to ensure a durable surface that can endure daily wear and tear. 

With N-Hance, we use a product that is designed specifically for cabinets. It’s made to withstand heavy-duty use and routine cleaning – and still look great. Once you have chosen a color, our craftsmen will expertly apply it to your cabinets, providing a flawless, durable finish that will last longer.

Problem #4: Not Letting Cabinets Dry Long Enough

Repainting your kitchen cabinets on your own can feel like a waiting game. Not only do you have to wait after each coat is applied, but also before you reinstall everything. The final curing process takes time, as long as a couple of weeks for best results. If you rush any of these steps, you’ll put all your hard work at risk. Your cabinets will be more susceptible to smudges, chips, and other signs of damage. 

With N-Hance, though, we use a state-of-the-art, proprietary system, called Lightspeed®, to cure your cabinets instantly, using UV light. Once we’re done repainting them, we apply a clear topcoat and cure them in seconds. Not only is downtime shorter, but the finish is stronger and longer-lasting. 

Problem #5: The Paint Color is Out of Date

If your cabinets are simply out of date or you don’t like the color any longer, we can fix that too. We offer a palette of 12 colors to choose from, including Pure White, Top Hat Black, Cream Lily, Crisp Ocean, Dutch Gray, and Bear Lake Blue. If you’d prefer a different option, you can bring in a color sample and we’ll match it. 

The one problem we can’t fix with repainting your kitchen cabinets involves a structural issue. If, for instance, your cabinets are warping, painting won’t do anything to reverse the effect. It might hide it for a while, but you’ll eventually have to replace them. It’s best to save your money for a full replacement, so you can get cabinets that look beautiful and will last for many years to come.

If you handled repainting your kitchen cabinets on your own and don’t like the end results, let N-Hance create the factory-like finish you desire. We’ll give you beautiful cabinets, quickly, at a cost you can afford. Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.