Want a lot of personality and style in your kitchen with a touch of vintage flair? You’re probably into the boho look. If you’re in the process of hiring kitchen cabinet painters, or just thinking about it, it’s important to understand what this style is and how to achieve it.

What Exactly Is Bohemian? 

The bohemian look screams “free spirit.” There are a range of ways to achieve it, but overall, the color, pattern, and style exudes good vibes and creativity. If you appreciate color, pattern, texture, trinkets from around the world, or those from nature, then boho is likely a good fit for you. 

How Can Kitchen Cabinet Painters Achieve the Boho Look?

If you’re revamping your kitchen and starting with cabinet painters, there are a few tips to keep in mind to get the boho look. For instance:

Think Natural

The bohemian aesthetic revolves around nature and infusing air, light, and energy into the space. If you have hardwood cabinets, then consider staining them instead of painting them. This offers an earthy look that will help you highlight the beauty of the hardwood and provide a nature-inspired backdrop on which to add color and flair. 

Add Color

On the other hand, you can also get a boho vibe with big, bright colors. If that’s more your speed, consider a palette that’s unique, like bright green, teal, or orange. You can also opt for an unexpected color on your kitchen island cabinets and then paint the balance bright white.

Open the Space Up

Another way to achieve boho beauty is to remove the upper cabinets. Have your painters then paint the base cabinets a vibrant color and then install wood shelves above. 

This mix and match of color and texture will help you get the eclectic feel you crave. It will also open up the space and make it appear larger and brighter. Plus, you’ll have surface space to display all the cool, boho odds and ends you’ve collected over time. 

White Works

Are you the kind of person who likes to change up the look of your kitchen? Then put white on your list when you are ready to paint your kitchen cabinets. White cabinets give you a completely clean, neutral palette as your base. They allow you to change out the window treatments, artwork and decor, table linens, area rug, and more with as much or as little color, pattern, and texture as you want. 

How Do You Style a Boho Kitchen?

Once your kitchen cabinet painters are done, you’ll want to think about styling the space. To help you bring the boho look to life, here are a few ideas for inspiration. 

  • Layers and textures are key. When it comes to going bohemian, it’s important to include a marriage of layers and textures. Think shiplap or wallpapered walls with beaded pendant lighting, rugs with fun patterns on them, and a cozy combination of seagrass woven baskets on wood shelves.
  • Go global. Bohemian offers the freedom to achieve the global look that can reflect your own personal style and travels. You can also embrace different cultures, or several of them, through artwork, area rugs, a hand-carved table, chairs or stools, and the fabric on window treatments. 
  • Mix, match, and go outside the box. When it comes to boho, it’s the best style if you like to mix and match to achieve a creative, exciting, eclectic look in your kitchen. 
  • Infuse nature into your kitchen. Ultimately, the boho look is rooted in nature. So adding plants and elements from nature are always at home in a boho-inspired kitchen. 
  • Create a space you love. The boho feel is fun yet cozy. You can opt for a more earthy look with natural wood tones, or go big and bold with stripes, patterns, and colors. It’s all about creating a space you’re comfortable and happy living in.

If you want help achieving your boho vision, give N-Hance® a call at (855) 642-6230 to set up a free consultation. Our professional kitchen cabinet painters can completely makeover your space and bring the boho vibe to life in a way you love.