Your kitchen is the heart of your home and if you’re thinking of repainting your kitchen cabinets, you want to get the color right. While you might have a favorite hue, keep an open mind and choose a color that is both practical and beautiful. Also, you don’t want to go so far outside the box that the color you do opt for is out of style in a year or two. 

Instead, choose from the following distinct yet classic colors to get a fresh look in your kitchen when you’re repainting your cabinets. 

#1: White

White paint evokes a fresh, light, and airy feel in your kitchen. It also pairs well with nearly any color flooring or countertops, all while creating a sense of cleanliness and purity. If you have dark or bright-colored counters or floors, it can even offer contrast and visual interest, as well. 

White is a common and popular choice for another reason. It never goes out of style. White cabinets are here to stay and you can easily update your kitchen decor with table linens, artwork, area rugs and more to change up the overall style in the future. 

White is also a great color to consider if you want a two-tone look when you’re repainting your kitchen cabinets. Repaint your upper kitchen cabinets white and choose a different color for the base cabinets, or for your kitchen island. White can play the role of that perfect neutral, all while adding a sense of distinction to your kitchen. 

#2: Green 

Biophilic designs are in vogue and seek to connect people inside with nature outdoors as much as possible. It’s why green is such an ideal color to choose when you’re repainting your kitchen cabinets. 

Not only is it calming and serene, but it can warm up a cool space, all while providing a sense of harmony. Your busy kitchen can become a place of peace and comfort, all with green as the backdrop. Green can even boost your mood, subconsciously promoting a sense of well-being. 

If you’d prefer a more subtle approach, you can still take advantage of all that green offers by incorporating it into other areas of your kitchen. For instance, opt for green table linens or a green area rug. You can also use wall art, plants, and other decor to bring the outdoors into your kitchen. 

#3: Blue

Blue is green’s cousin and is also a great choice if you’re looking for a cool, calm hue when you’re repainting your kitchen cabinets. There are a wide variety of blues to choose from, whether you’re interested in a soft, light blue, vibrant cobalt, or navy blue for a touch of drama and elegance. Whatever you do choose, blue is another way to promote a sense of tranquility in your kitchen and has become increasingly popular in recent years, as a result.

#4: Black

Black is a powerful color that looks cool and distinct. When you want to make a statement, paint it black. This color can create a unique ambiance in your kitchen, all while adding a touch of sophistication. At the same time, black will ground the space and even pairs well with lighter countertops and floors for contrast. 

While black is a bold choice for a larger kitchen, steer clear if your kitchen is smaller. Since dark colors, like black, absorb light, it can make your kitchen appear smaller. So, keep the amount of natural light and the size of your kitchen in mind before choosing a color. 

#5: Gray

Gray has become popular in the recent past and is proving to have significant staying power. This neutral can be used to infuse a sense of softness that stands the test of time, or it can complement a cool palette, adding some color and depth to your kitchen cabinets when you’re repainting them. Gray cabinets also give you lots of choices to choose from when selecting hardware, from matte black and stainless steel to gold and bronze, you have plenty of options available to achieve your vision. 

#6: Greige

This color is a mix of gray and beige. It retains the sense of elegance that comes with gray, while warming it up with a splash of beige. Not only is this color a neutral that will go in nearly any style kitchen, whether modern or traditional, but it also pairs well with hardwood or tile floors. Greige will also complement a range of countertop and backsplash styles and colors. It’s truly a versatile choice. 

Keep in mind, though, when it comes to all these colors, they offer various undertones, including yellow, blue, green, purple and more. Make sure you bring a sample of any color you’re considering into your kitchen to see what it will look like once it’s on your cabinets. Also, look at it at various times of the day and at night when the light changes from natural to artificial. Only then can you rest assured the final color you do choose is one you’ll love to live with.

Once you’ve chosen a color and are ready to repaint your kitchen cabinets, simply clean them out and let N-Hance® handle the rest. We’ll repaint them using our using approach that offers a high-quality, yet durable finish that will last for years to come. Plus, with our fast turnaround time, you can be back up and running in your kitchen in no time, all with beautifully repainted cabinets.

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