Minimalistic. Sophisticated. Sleek. Less is more when it comes to European design. It captures refined, effortless elegance using simple, clean lines. If you’d like your kitchen to reflect this style, and you don’t want to replace your cabinets completely, what can you do? Kitchen cabinet refacing provides the answer.

With this approach, also known as cabinet door replacement, you can get cabinets that actually look brand new. The drawer fronts and cabinet doors will be removed and replaced with new fronts that capture that stunning European design you love. The boxes will then be painted or stained to match. 

The Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

There are a wide range of advantages to kitchen cabinet refacing when compared to a traditional replacement. For instance, while you’re removing dated or worn-out cabinet doors and drawer fronts, you are also maintaining the integrity of the original hardwood frame. This makes it easier to recolor, repair, or reface your boxes in the future. It also preserves the value of your hardwood cabinets.

At the same time, your cabinets will look like they were just installed from the factory while costing a small fraction of a typical remodel. Whether you want high-gloss white cabinets or are looking for a wood-toned frameless style, refacing offers an easy and affordable way to achieve your aesthetic goal. You can get that expensive, modern European look in a way that fits your budget. 

Even better? You’ll have cabinets that are timeless and beautiful. The clean, simple look of European design won’t go out of fashion in just a few short years like other trends often do. You can also say goodbye to stale looks, like dated oak cabinets, and welcome a fresh new feel in your home, one where beauty and functionality coexist in harmony. 

With the money you save by refacing instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets, you can even invest in adding small touches of luxury around your kitchen, such as upgrading your countertops to quartz, granite, marble, or another natural stone. You can also replace your appliances with ones that offer a sleeker, more European design. These changes will all work together to give you that simple yet elegant aesthetic you want in your kitchen. 

How Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Works with N-Hance

With N-Hance®, refacing your kitchen cabinets is simple. All you have to do is choose the style, the color, and the hardware, then empty your cabinets and we will tackle the rest. We offer options that can help you capture that European aesthetic you love, like our frameless or full overlay selections. You can also opt for colors ranging from Pure White to Top Hat Black, all of which will bring a clean, modern look into your kitchen space. 

Once these decisions are made, we will begin the work by removing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We’ll clean your cabinet boxes with our proprietary solution designed to remove dirt, dust, grease, and grime, so primer and paint products better adhere to the surface.

We’ll then repair any scratches, dents, or minor imperfections before we prime your cabinet boxes. Our primer product is also designed for kitchen cabinets, so paint adheres to it more effectively without bleed through.

With N-Hance, you also don’t have to worry about cheap adhesive veneers like other refacing companies use on kitchen cabinet frames. Instead, we’ll expertly paint or refinish the boxes to match your new door and drawer fronts for a flawless final look.

At the shop, we’ll perform the same work on your new, custom-made doors and drawer fronts. This includes priming and painting, as well as applying a protective topcoat and light-curing your cabinets with our Lightspeed® UV system. This enables your cabinets to dry within seconds, so downtime is minimal. 

Once your cabinet doors and drawer fronts are ready, we’ll bring them to your home to install. We can add new hinges that are soft close, as well as new hardware you selected. If you prefer, we can use your old hinges or hardware too.

Why Choose N-Hance for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing 

With N-Hance, we can turn around your project in a matter of days, not weeks. With our unique, proprietary approach to refacing, we’ll also enhance the durability of your kitchen cabinets. You don’t have to worry about dents, scratches, or water damage thanks to the quality of the hardwood and the strength of our protective finishes. 

Kitchen upgrades can be expensive – especially these days with inflation and supply chain issues. However, with N-Hance on the job, refacing your kitchen cabinets, we can save you time and money, while delivering beautiful results. 

You can completely transform your kitchen from a traditional or dated one and make it look fresh, sleek, and ever-so European. You can even improve the value of your home with an upgrade that delivers a healthy return on your investment.

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