Tired of old, dated cabinets, but don’t have the budget for replacements? At N-Hance®, we can help. We offer cabinet refacing services that are a fraction of the cost of a total replacement. At the same time, cabinet refacing refreshes your kitchen dramatically, giving your cabinets a completely different look – one that’s a better fit for your style and life. 

Here’s how it works.

An Overview of Cabinet Refacing   

Many homeowners think they have two choices when it comes to upgrading cabinets: painting them or replacing them. With N-Hance, there’s another option with our hybrid cabinet refacing service.

With refacing, or “cabinet door replacement” as it’s also known, we will remove your cabinet doors and drawer fronts and replace them with new, custom-made ones. If you have a damaged drawer, we can even replace it. Meanwhile, your cabinet boxes remain intact.

In the process, you can choose from different cabinet styles and colors to get the new look and feel you’re after. With our approach to cabinet refacing, we’ll revive your kitchen and breathe new life into it, whether you’re looking for a modern vibe, something more rustic, or an elegant upgrade. 

We even use a unique and proprietary coating system to provide superior results. It includes a specialized urethane primer and water-based polyurethane products designed for cabinets. As a result, the finish can withstand heavy use. Our products also offer a smoother finish, one that is more durable and won’t chip or peel. 

For cabinet boxes, other refacing companies use adhesive or veneers to match the new doors and drawer fronts. We take a different approach and instead apply the same specialized and durable coating system to your boxes. This means a seamless overall look and a higher level of durability for the cabinet box.

Another advantage is our turnaround time. Once you’ve made your style selections, we can complete your project in around three to five days. While we’ll work on your cabinet boxes inside your home, the rest of the project is handled off-site, in our workshop. This translates into minimal hassle and less disruption to your busy life.

Comparing Costs of Cabinet Refacing vs. Replacing

When it comes to refacing versus replacing, there’s a significant cost savings. This is due to a range of factors. For instance, less labor is needed since there are no tear outs or demolition of existing cabinetry. Likewise, fewer materials are used because only doors and drawer fronts are produced.

These cost savings add up in a big way. In fact, cabinet refacing is just a fraction of the cost of replacing. 

In addition, if you renovate, you never know what you’ll find behind or under cabinet boxes. Additional work might be necessary, like leveling the floor, which can add up fast in terms of cost. It can also create bottlenecks in the process, meaning more downtime and disruption to your family.

If you opt to reface your cabinets instead of replace them, you’ll likely end up with money left over in your budget. You can then invest it elsewhere in your kitchen, like with new countertops or backsplash, appliances, decor, painting the walls, or hardwood floor refinishing.

3 Options N-Hance Offers for Cabinet Refacing 

In just three steps, you can choose your cabinets and get a look that you love. Our design process includes the following selections:

  • Style. We offer many styles you can explore depending on your vision, from Shaker to solid wood panels and more. We also offer different hardwood options to choose from and can walk you through what to consider for each one, so you make the right choice. 
  • Color. You can choose from 12 colors or 12 stains on our palettes, or bring us a sample of a different color and we can match it. We can also apply different finishing techniques, like glazing and antiquing for an original look in your home. 
  • Accessories and upgrades. We offer many accessories and hardware options for your kitchen, from hinges and knobs to soft-close drawer glides, crown molding, glass cabinets, and dovetail drawer boxes. 

We even offer cabinet storage solutions, as well. These can make the inside of your cabinets far more functional by increasing space and providing tools for organization. Some of our products include pullout trash drawers, spice drawers, drawer organizers, tray dividers, an under-sink mat, and more. 

If you’re ready to get started with cabinet refacing, all you have to do is set up a consultation. Once your choices are made and your project start date is set, simply clear out the inside of your cabinets and the top of your counters and we will handle the rest. 

In just a few days, your cabinets – and your entire kitchen – will be transformed in a remarkable way. In fact, take a look at a few of our before and after pictures to see first-hand the difference we can make. 

Ready to take dated, dingy cabinets and transform them beautifully with our cabinet refacing service? Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.