If you’re planning for a cabinet painting project, there are countless different colors and ideas to explore, which can make getting started a bit overwhelming. N-Hance® can help! 

As experienced cabinet makeover specialists, we have a range of go-to colors and design options that will help your kitchen stand out while remaining timeless. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get the ideas flowing. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite kitchen makeovers that we’ve completed, so you can get inspired for your own home. 

Project #1: Anew Gray 

Before N-Hance arrived on the job, this kitchen featured cabinets stained yellowish-brown. These cabinets were not only out-of-style, but they made the space seem smaller. The good news is that the cabinets featured clean lines and the kitchen had a neutral countertop and tile floors. For us, that meant loads of potential.

For the cabinet paint color, the customer chose Anew Gray. Our painters went to work turning the cabinets into a light, bright upgrade for the kitchen. 

The color did more than refresh the cabinets; it enhanced the entire kitchen, making it appear larger and more contemporary. We also installed modern matte black hardware to add contrast and further elevate the freshly painted cabinets. 

Another advantage of this particular cabinet paint color? It offers a versatile backdrop. It coordinated well with the homeowner’s existing materials and finishes. And, if they want to make changes in the future, Anew Gray will blend beautifully.

Project #2: Bear Lake Blue

Cherry wood cabinets were all the rage in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Today, however, they make kitchens look bland and outdated. Take this one for example. This is where Bear Lake Blue came in to save the day. The choice was inspired by the homeowner’s distinctive tile backsplash.

In recent years, blue has become an increasingly popular cabinet paint color and this shade did not disappoint. Bear Lake Blue is a deeper, darker hue of blue and, as a result, a little more dramatic. Yet it’s also still light enough to be fun and a bit flirtatious. 

It also brings the tile backsplash to life, which previously seemed out of place in this otherwise formal kitchen. Bear Lake Blue takes this kitchen to a different level, adding a touch of bold sophistication, all without changing any features other than the hardware. 

Project #3: Navajo and Bittersweet Chocolate

Another recent trend when painting kitchen cabinets is the two-tone approach. This is when the kitchen island or base cabinets are painted one color – typically darker – and the upper cabinets are painted a different, usually lighter color. 

This particular project captured the two-tone trend beautifully with Bittersweet Chocolate applied to the island cabinets and Navajo on the remaining cabinets. This approach took a dark, formal kitchen and transformed it into an elegant masterpiece. It’s warm and inviting, yet elevated and sophisticated. It’s also brighter and appears bigger thanks to the Navajo cabinets. 

In addition, the previous brown on the kitchen island had a reddish undertone. Bittersweet Chocolate subtly takes these cabinets into a new direction with a deeper, more dramatic hue. It’s one that also contrasts beautifully with the existing cream tile floors and countertop. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the space offers a stylish monochromatic backdrop, mixing the creamy white tile backsplash and light countertops with the Navajo upper and base cabinets. The striking kitchen island becomes the centerpiece that steals the show. 

Project #4: Pure White

This high-end kitchen had lots of potential and the homeowners simply wanted a shift in the cabinet color. We applied Pure White and upgraded the traditional cabinets with a fresh twist and more contemporary appeal. Meanwhile, with Pure White cabinets, the wood floor and countertops offered contrast, making the kitchen more interesting overall. 

Another advantage? The Pure White cabinet paint reflects the loads of natural light in this kitchen, making the room appear larger. It was a breath of fresh air for the cabinets and the whole kitchen space. 

Project #5: White and Dense Gray

This project is another example of the popular two-toned approach to painting cabinets. It features an island and base cabinets painted the same color – Dense Gray – with the upper cabinets painted White. 

Dense Gray on the base cabinets and island anchor the space, while the White upper cabinets reflect light, making the kitchen feel more spacious and modern. Both colors also pair well with the existing materials and finishes, from the floors to the countertops and even the window treatments. It’s a major change at a fraction of the cost of cabinet replacements or a full kitchen renovation. 

Feeling Inspired to Make Over Your Cabinets?

Whether you want cabinets that offer a timeless look, bold appeal, or just a subtle shift, you can turn to our cabinet painting professionals. We will work with you to help you identify the ideal color (or colors!) for your kitchen cabinets. 

We can also guide you through the process of hardware selection and educate you about our many other upgrades, such as glass paneled doors, crown molding, glazing, torching, antiquing, and even cabinet storage solutions

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