If you like mixing old with new and throwing in historical accents, the heritage style is a great fit for your home. When it comes to choosing a new kitchen cabinet color, there is an array of options that can help you bring this style to life. 

Here are some details to know, tips for choosing the right kitchen cabinet color, and finishing touches that can help you achieve your aesthetic vision.

What Defines the Heritage Style?

Whether it’s with home decor, fashion, or even branding a company, the heritage style is rooted in the past, taking its inspiration from British Victorian or early Colonial days. Think traditional furniture, floral pattern wallpaper, historic paint colors, like navy blue, and decor made from natural rather than synthetic materials, like wooden candle sticks and cutting boards.

The heritage style is traditional, yet also comfortable too, striking a great balance for many homeowners. At the same time, you can throw in some modern touches, like state-of-the-art appliances and colorful artwork, to bring the look into the 21st century.

Another element that makes the heritage theme unique? At home, it often features renewed and upcycled furniture and decor. These pieces are inviting yet special, making your home feel distinct. It’s why if you’re trying to achieve this classic look in your kitchen, painting your existing cabinets, rather than replacing them, is the perfect first step.

Capture the Heritage Theme With These Kitchen Cabinet Colors 

You don’t have to have a period or historical home to get a heritage-themed space. Instead, a little paint and decor can go a long way in bringing this style to life. Some kitchen cabinet colors to consider in the process include:

Navy Blue

A bold color, like navy blue, is a great way to make a statement while paying homage to heritage. Navy blue is sophisticated and understated, making it a popular choice to enhance any home, whether modern, traditional, or transitional. It transcends architectural styles and can be infused with the heritage touch using finishes made from natural wood, wicker, and antique gold.

Hunter or Sage Green

When in doubt, green never disappoints. Hunter green or sage green work well with untreated wood finishes, like a hardwood floor or hardwood kitchen island, allowing you to bring the heritage style into your space. Other elements you can include natural fiber area rugs and table linens. 


Any time you want to create an antique or vintage look, off-white is a popular kitchen cabinet color choice. You can even opt for further upgrades, like decorative crown molding and Victorian brass hardware for your kitchen cabinets to capture the heritage theme in your kitchen.

Another benefit of off-white is that it’s a neutral color that compliments nearly any style. If, in the future, you decide you want to redecorate and take your kitchen into a different direction, you can rest assured your off-white cabinets will blend well.

Buttery Yellow

A buttery yellow is another historical kitchen cabinet color to consider. Yellow is warm and mood-boosting, while offering an air of heritage and nostalgia. It looks light and bright, yet is also a bold color choice, capturing the historic aesthetic while uplifting the interior of your kitchen. Pair it with off-white, green, or natural hardwood decor and finishes to further bring the heritage style into your kitchen. 


Of course, you can’t go wrong with simply refinishing your hardwood cabinets. Whether you opt for a rich, dark stain or a clear one to highlight the natural beauty of the wood, hardwood cabinets are timeless and classic for every era. You just have to ensure yours are in good condition if you’d like to feature them in your kitchen. 

4 More Tips for Paying Homage to Heritage

In addition to painting your kitchen cabinets a heritage color, you can also:

  • Tip #1: Add pattern. Heritage style often mixes pattern with color, which you can add to your kitchen with wallpaper, as well as fabrics, such as upholstered chairs, table linens, and window treatments. Classic heritage patterns are often inspired by nature, such as flowers or other botanicals. 
  • Tip #2: Invest in a Butler sink. Obviously, you’ll want modern appliances. However, one area where you can get function and style is with your sink. Rather than a stainless steel or granite composite option, invest in this more period-appropriate choice. 
  • Tip #3: Choose furniture wisely. You want furniture that balances the feel of the heritage theme, while also being practical for everyday life. So choose furniture wisely. You can even mix and match a modern table with refurbished vintage hardwood chairs or benches. 
  • Tip #4: Decorate with reclaimed or salvaged pieces. Think wood or stoneware when you’re choosing decorative items and finishing touches. These are warm and natural while adding authentic heritage flair. 

Ready to Spice Up Your Kitchen Cabinets with a Heritage Color?

A heritage home is filled with character. If you’re ready to take advantage of it, let N-Hance® help with the cabinets. We can paint your cabinets a color that infuses this classic look and feel into your kitchen. We can also stain them instead if you prefer to maintain the beauty of the hardwood. Whatever you choose, we will use our LightSpeed® UV system to instantly cure cabinets and provide a rock-hard, durable finish.

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