At N-Hance®, we do more than paint, refinish, and reface cabinets. We make over cabinets inside and out. In fact, with our pull out drawers, you can take advantage of a more organized kitchen, one where items are easier to grab and go. You can stop bending over or getting on your hands and knees, trying to reach heavy items like pots, pans, and small appliances. Cooking, entertaining, and post-party clean-up will also be easier, and you’ll also get more enjoyment from your kitchen and your cabinets. 

The Advantages of Pull Out Drawers

Pull out drawers, also known as roll-outs, slide-outs, or sliding shelving, are simply wood drawers or trays custom fit to the dimensions of your cabinets. They sit on glides and fully extend with a quick pull. This allows you to access your large soup pot or that heavy saucepan without pain or frustration. 

With our pull out drawers, you’ll also save time searching for items, make storage and organization easier to maintain, and even boost the amount of storage you have. For instance, if you avoid storing items in your base cabinets because they are hard to reach, pull out drawers allow you to change that. You can dramatically increase storage in your kitchen when you use the available space to its fullest potential. 

When you choose N-Hance for pull out drawers, you’ll also get products built to last. Each storage drawer is custom fit to the inside of your cabinets, ensuring smooth and trouble-free operation. Thanks to the soft close rails we use at installation, our pull out drawers also close quietly, further enhancing your kitchen and your cabinets.

Options Available with Pull Out Drawers

With pull out drawers in your kitchen cabinets, you can enjoy accessibility and versatility. We offer a variety of pull out drawers, including tray bins, double-height, and triple-height styles, which means they can be used in a range of ways. 

  • Tray bin height pull out drawers are engineered for dividers and are perfect for storing everything from cutting boards and platters to cookie sheets and more. 
  • Double-height pull out drawers are ideal for storing and accessing items such as small appliances, pots, and pans. 
  • Triple-height pull outs are most commonly used next to the sink as a trash and recycling drawer. 

Beyond the kitchen, our pull out drawers can be used in other rooms throughout your home. In bathrooms, you can store and organize bath and beauty products in a way that is sophisticated and functional. You can create more space and organization for items like copy paper, office supplies, and work files in your home office. When you add pull out drawers to the entertainment or media center in your family room, games, DVDs, and toys are simple to keep organized. Wherever you use our pull out drawers, they will make your life easier and your home more organized and accessible. 

Easy-to-Access Cabinet Drawer Storage

In addition to pull out drawers, N-Hance offers a range of other cabinet storage solutions to improve accessibility. For instance, our custom drawer organizer inserts create compartments for kitchen utensil and silverware drawers. 

We also offer custom inserts for drawers where coffee and tea pods, beverages, and spices are stored. This allows you to ditch the cluttered drinks corner on your countertop, or beautifully organize your spice drawer for easy access to everything from salt to sage.

We even offer under-sink porteros for storing items like dish soap and sponges. These are made from heavy gauge wire and pull out fully from under your sink for easy access. Everything you need for kitchen clean-up will be neat, tidy, and simple to find.

Ready for More Storage and Organization in Your Cabinets?

N-Hance can help. We will carefully measure each cabinet and drawer to ensure the perfect fit for pull out drawers, inserts, and other storage solutions. Once we’re done, you’ll be able to enjoy a more organized kitchen where all of your items are easily accessible. Enjoy your kitchen and your home to its fullest potential with help from our team. 

Find out more about getting your kitchen organized with pull out drawers and other cabinet storage possibilities. Simply call N-Hance today at (855) 642-6230 for a FREE consultation and quote.