With summer in full swing, autumn might be the last thing on your mind. However, the fall season will be here before you know it. If you’re thinking about kitchen upgrades once the kids head back to school, now’s the time to schedule cabinet painting. Here’s why:

Your Kitchen is Quiet

Your kitchen is quieter and less chaotic. You’re not busy making meals around the clock for kids home for summer vacation or doing art projects at the kitchen table on rainy days. This will give you more time, space and energy to think about and tackle that cabinet painting project you’ve been wanting to do.

You’ll Be Spending More Time Indoors Soon

With the weather changing, fall is a great time for cabinet painting and other upgrades to your space. You’re going to be spending more time inside your home soon enough. Once the chill of winter hits, the cozy kitchen is where you and your family will want to be. 

If, however, your cabinets are chipped, scratched, or painted a color you don’t like, then it’s not going to feel as comfortable as it could. Instead, get the process started now, so you have time to choose a color you love and have your cabinets repainted before winter.

The Holidays Are Around the Corner

While the holidays seem like a far way off, they’ll be here soon and when you schedule cabinet painting for the fall, your kitchen will be ready for the season. You’ll have new cabinets to show off to your friends and family during the holiday festivities. In addition, it will be a brighter, cheerier, more comfortable place to spend time, whether you’re enjoying a simple dinner with family or hosting a big party with friends. 

You’ll Have Plenty of Time to Make Selections

When you schedule cabinet painting for fall, you’ll also have time now, during the summer, to research options, evaluate color samples, learn about pricing, and make your final decisions on hardware and any finishing techniques, such as antiquing or glazing. You won’t feel rushed to make a choice and instead can consider a wide range of possibilities until you land on one you love.

Ready to Schedule N-Hance® for Cabinet Painting?

Give us a call now and we’ll schedule your cabinets for painting, so you can renew your space this fall. Before your scheduled date arrives, we’ll meet to discuss the project. 

During this consultation, we’ll learn about your design vision, your cabinets and kitchen space, and other important factors, like your budget. We can explain our many options and even bring samples to your home, helping you make a selection that works for your kitchen’s aesthetic and your lifestyle. 

N-Hance offers a full spectrum of colors for kitchen cabinet painting, including our N-Hance Paint Palette. It includes 12 colors ranging from Pure White and Soothing Gray to Crisp Ocean, Bear Lake Blue, and Evening Forest. If you have another color in mind, simply bring us a sample and we can match it. 

Every step of the way – from choosing the color to selecting the door knobs and drawer pulls – we’ll be available to guide you and answer your questions. We can also highlight the pros and cons of your options, such as choosing white paint versus a dark color, so you make a decision you love living with.

How the Process Works with N-Hance Cabinet Painting

At N-Hance, we’ve made our cabinet painting process as efficient as possible. Once you’ve made your selections, our cabinet painters will come to your home, remove your doors and drawer fronts, and take them back to our shop to clean, repair, sand, prep, and paint them. We’ll perform the same work on the cabinet boxes left in place, providing a seamless look once we’re done.

All the products and techniques we use are designed specifically for cabinets. For instance, we use a proprietary cleaning solution that removes all that dirt, grime, grease, fingerprints, and other build-up that often accumulates on cabinets. Likewise, our primer and paints are made especially for cabinets, so they can withstand the heavy-duty wear and tear that occurs in most kitchens. 

After painting, N-Hance uses our exclusive, state-of-the-art U.V. Lightspeed® Nano system. It instantly cures your cabinets, producing a rock-hard and durable finish. Not only does it help us complete your painting project far faster – usually within around five days – but also delivers cabinets that will endure for years to come. 

We encourage you to take a look at our photo gallery, so you can see the transformations we’ve made in so many other kitchens. Then reach out to our team to schedule cabinet painting for your home. Before our team arrives to perform the work, we can help you evaluate your many options, so you fall back in love with your kitchen this autumn. 

Bring more beauty to your kitchen this fall by scheduling our team for cabinet painting. Call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today to get started with a FREE design consultation.