Now that spring has sprung, it’s a great time to organize your kitchen and maximize the space you have. With shelf organizers and other cabinet storage solutions, your kitchen will look neat and tidy, and it will be easier to cook, gather, and enjoy quality time with your family. 

You also won’t waste time searching for the right cooking utensil or ingredient while you make dinner or entertain. Likewise, with kitchen cabinet organizers, you can see everything you have and reach it easily. This helps to reduce wasted items that are hidden in the backs of cabinets and drawers and left unused or uneaten. The result? A more peaceful, functional kitchen that is more comfortable to spend time in. 

Whether you have a tiny kitchen that needs to be streamlined, a messy pantry with expired or unnecessary items, or drawers filled to the brim, here are some ways to kick the clutter and get organized. 

Tip #1: Think About What Kitchen Shelf Organizers Will Work Best for You

Before you go out and buy all kinds of kitchen cabinet and pantry shelf organizers, consider your lifestyle and needs. If, for instance, you have a busy breakfast time and school run, you should work toward making mornings easier. Place cereals and other non-perishable breakfast foods on one shelf in the kitchen and within easy reach. 

If you love to entertain and host parties, make sure all your favorite spices are organized in a spice drawer or spice cabinet. It’s not about finding the perfect organization system, but finding the perfect one for your kitchen and your life. 

Tip #2: Declutter & Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

The next step toward a more organized kitchen is to throw out or donate items you don’t need or use, or those you have too many of. This can include anything from an excessive amount of water bottles or coffee mugs to a huge stockpile of pots and pans. 

Ditch old, worn-out dish towels and oven mitts. Go through your pantry and all your cabinets and drawers and remove items you don’t need or foods that are expired. This will free up space, so you can better utilize the storage you do have and get organized with shelf and cabinet organizers. 

Tip #3: Start to Group Similar Items Together

Once your kitchen is cleaned out, you can then start to organize. Begin by putting similar items together like dishes, silverware, tea and coffee pods, and baking supplies. This way, you can designate certain kitchen cabinets, drawers, or pantry shelves for specific items and choose the right-fit organizers. 

For instance, create a beverage drawer for all your coffee, tea, and hot chocolate pods. Place all your baking supplies, from flour and sugar to chocolate chips and nuts, on one shelf in your pantry. Storing similar items together makes it easier to get organized and grab what you need when you’re preparing meals or looking for a snack. 

Tip #4: Buy Containers for Commonly Used Items

When you have items you use a lot, like rice, flour, and pasta, it’s easier to see what you have when it’s in a clear container. Once you’ve organized similar items so they are stored together, you’ll know how many clear containers you need and what sizes they should be. Not only does this keep your kitchen storage neat and tidy, but it also ensures you don’t run out of an item in the middle of cooking or baking. 

Tip #5: Invest in Pull Out Organizer Shelves 

Pull out shelving can be a game changer for your cabinets and your kitchen. When you have these kinds of shelf organizers inside your cabinets, you can maximize all the storage space, often getting more of it.

Additionally, all those items in the back that were hard to reach will be easier to grab. This makes your cabinets more accessible, so you won’t hurt your back or shoulders trying to reach small kitchen appliances, or heavy pots and pans. Pull out shelves can hold heavy items while sliding out smoothly, so you can easily see what’s stored inside and access it quickly. 

Tip #6: More Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Options

Some other ways to get your cabinet interiors organized include:

  • Under-sink storage and a mat to keep cleaning supplies and dishwasher detergent organized while protecting the bottom of your cabinet from leaks.
  • Pull out trash and recycling drawers, so you can ditch the garbage can that’s taking up space in your kitchen.
  • Pull out tray dividers, so large, flat items like cookie sheets, baking sheets, and cutting boards can be stored vertically. 
  • Kitchen drawer organizers for your utensils, so you can better manage all your forks, knives, and spoons, as well as larger cooking utensils without digging around in a cluttered drawer. 

Let N-Hance Make Kitchen Organization Simple!

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With an array of options for shelf and kitchen cabinet organizers, we can dramatically increase the amount of storage you have and make your kitchen more welcoming and functional. Save time and hassle and enjoy your kitchen to the fullest!

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