Summer is here and many homeowners are gearing up to refresh and improve their homes. Like many homeowners, you are probably looking at your kitchen cabinets and wondering if now is the time to schedule cabinet painting. Before you make the move and call your go-to painter, it’s important to know that not all painters are created equal. Cabinet painters have a different set of skills than traditional house painters. It’s why you should hire a professional cabinet painter, not the general painter you typically use, when you want your cabinets revitalized with a new color. Here are a few more reasons why.

Why You Need a Painter Who Knows Cabinets

A house painter understands how to paint indoor and outdoor walls, as well as the best techniques for trim and ceiling painting. They use painting products, tools, and techniques that provide smooth, lasting results — on walls.

Painting cabinets, however, requires different products, from the cleaning solutions to the primer and the actual paint. For instance, a professional cabinet painter will use water-based, acrylic polyurethane blends instead of latex wall paint. This type of paint is designed for cabinets and will deliver a rock-hard, long-lasting finish that stands up to grease, wear and tear, moisture, and more.

Cabinet painting also requires a more detailed process. House painters can generally move quickly from one room to the next. However, that fast work doesn’t translate to cabinet painting. This type of painting requires more time and effort, which is why hiring a house painter doesn’t make sense.

If you use a house painter for your cabinets, it’s a gamble. You can wind up with bumps, bubbles, and peeling paint in a matter of weeks. When you hire a cabinet painter from the start, you will get cabinets that are visually transformed while being able to stand strong in a busy, messy kitchen environment. 

The advantages of hiring a professional cabinet painter don’t stop there. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and has a major impact on resale value. In fact, real estate agents report that kitchens and bathrooms can either sell a home or hinder its sale. 

When your kitchen has beautiful cabinets, they will make a statement that will improve your home’s appeal and value. On the other hand, a poor cabinet painting job, or old, beat-up cabinets adds up to more costs in the eyes of a potential buyer. 

Even if you’re not planning to move anytime soon, your kitchen is still the most used room in your home. Don’t take the easy route with a house painter who yields fast results over flawless ones.  

Why Is a Cabinet Painter More Expensive?

Now that you know why it’s vital to hire a cabinet painter to handle the work, you might find out they’re a little more expensive than a general house painter. There’s good reason for that, though, including:

More Time and Effort Required for Cabinet Painting 

It takes more time and effort to get the job done. When painting walls, for instance, you don’t have to take the time to remove the doors and drawer fronts, and then rehang them once the work is completed. In addition, there are other, more time-intensive steps required in the cabinet painting process such as repairing damage to the surface of cabinets. 

A Proper Approach That Yields the Best Results 

When you hire a house painter for your cabinets, they might quickly wipe them down and then start priming and painting. However, they probably won’t use a cleaning solution that degreases surfaces. The result? Primer and paint won’t properly adhere. Instead, your cabinets will be more prone to scratches, peeling, and other signs of damage like drips and visible brush strokes.  

More Options to Further Customize Your Cabinets

When you hire a professional cabinet painter, you’ll save time, money, and stress. You’ll also have more options to further personalize cabinets around your distinctive taste and preferences. This can include techniques like glazing and antiquing, as well as adding crown molding to the top of upper cabinets, glass inserts to replace cabinet panels, and more. 

The Bottom Line About Hiring a Cabinet Painting Pro?

Hiring a painter that does not specialize in cabinets is a risk. You can wind up with sloppy results that don’t last or stand strong in an active kitchen environment. You’ll either have to live with them or pay more to have your cabinets repainted. This all means more time, money, and aggravation.  

How to Find the Right Cabinet Painter

Finding the right cabinet painter isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. To do this, devote some time upfront to researching cabinet painters and talking to your top few picks so you can learn more about how they approach the job. Make sure they have samples of their cabinet painting work and take the time to read reviews from past customers to find out if they were satisfied after the job.

If you’d like to put N-Hance® on your list of cabinet painting professionals to consider, we’re only a call away. Our approach is strictly designed for cabinets, not walls. From our cleaning solution to our primer, paint products, and even our light-curing UV system, Lightspeed® Nano, our focus is a complete cabinet refresh that gives you the stunning results that last long in your kitchen. 

Ready to hire a professional cabinet painter you can trust for gorgeous cabinets that stand strong in your kitchen? Connect with N-Hance and let us help! Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.