Do you have a painter you call to touch up your walls or re-paint rooms with a fresh color? If you want to hire someone for cabinet painting, think twice before calling your regular house painter. 

Not all painters have the same skill set. Just like you wouldn’t go to a dentist when you need a doctor, you shouldn’t turn to a general house painter for your cabinets. Here’s why. 

Why You Need a Cabinet Painter

Your kitchen is a critical asset in your home. When real estate agents say that kitchens and bathrooms are what sell a home, they aren’t lying. When you have a kitchen featuring beautiful cabinets, they will make a statement. On the other hand, a cabinet painting job that isn’t pristine will have potential buyers adding up the costs for repairs as they’re viewing your home.

Even if you’re not planning to move anytime soon, your kitchen is still the most used room in your home. If you have cabinets that are painted in a sloppy way, it will bother you. You’ll not only sabotage the investment you’re making in your home but also your enjoyment of it. Don’t sell yourself short just because a house painter is less expensive than a cabinet painter

A house painter knows how to paint indoor and outdoor walls. They don’t, however, know all the ins and outs of painting cabinets. They might be able to do a decent job, but it won’t be as durable as a professional cabinet painter. In the long run, you’ll be kicking yourself, wishing you’d hired a painter who had the expertise to do the job correctly.

In contrast, a cabinet painter can truly transform your kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets will look like they were just installed from the factory. This is due to the products and equipment a cabinet painter uses, like water-based acrylic, polyurethane blends, not latex, wall paint. 

House painters know trim, walls, and ceilings and how to prep these spaces for beautiful results, quickly. Yet, that same mindset of moving fast doesn’t translate into cabinet painting. This work requires more time, effort, and know-how, which is why hiring a house painter isn’t in your best interest. 

You don’t want fast over flawless. If you use a house painter, you can wind up with bumps, bubbles, and peeling paint in a matter of weeks – not years. With a professional cabinet painter, though, your cabinets will be painted using products and equipment made for smooth, durable results.  

Why Is a Cabinet Painter More Expensive Than a House Painter?

There’s a good reason. It takes a lot more time and effort to get the job done. You don’t have to remove the doors and drawer fronts, like with cabinets, or clean and prep the surface of a wall before you paint. When it comes to cabinet painting, though, cleaning is crucial. If you leave behind any grease or grime, primer and color won’t stick to the surface.

When you hire a house painter for your cabinets, they might quickly wipe down the cabinets. However, they probably won’t use a cleaning solution that degreases them to reveal the surface needed to apply paint. Skipping this important step can lead to inferior results that will be more prone to scratches, peeling, and other signs of damage, like drips and visible brush strokes.  

Not only that, but when you don’t like the results, you’re going to either have to live with them or fix them. Neither is a good option. If you live with them, you’ll hate your newly painted cabinets. If you fix them, you’ll have to pay to get them painted properly. 

In fact, it will wind up costing you even more for the repair job than if you had simply hired a professional cabinet painter in the first place. They’ll often have to strip the old layer of paint if it was improperly applied and isn’t adhering to the surface. This all adds up to more time, money, and aggravation.  

It’s best, instead, to go with a professional cabinet painter in the first place. When you do, you will actually save time, money, and stress. A professional cabinet painter can also give you access to more options you might not have considered, like glazing, antiquing, or torching. You’ll be able to achieve your dream cabinets and transform your kitchen in a way you love, not one you begrudgingly have to live with. 

How to Find the Right Cabinet Painter

Finding the right cabinet painter for your job isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. So spend some time upfront talking to painters and learning about how they approach the job. Make sure they have samples of their work you can see and ask if you can speak to previous clients to find out if they were satisfied immediately after as well as months after the project was complete.

For trusted results, you can add N-Hance® to your list of cabinet painting professionals. We’re a call away. Our approach is strictly designed for cabinets, not walls. From our cleaning solution to our primer, paint products, and even our light-curing UV system, Lightspeed®, our focus is on cabinets. Everything we do will deliver on durability and beauty, so you get a lasting look. 

Find out more about the many benefits of hiring professional cabinet painters from N-Hance. Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.