Your cabinets get a lot of use every day. It’s, therefore, easy for them to become chipped, worn or faded. If that’s the case, it’s time to consider hiring cabinet painters

Why choose the ones at N-Hance® for the job? Because not all cabinet painters are created equal. 

At N-Hance, we approach cabinet painting differently than our competitors. Many painters will simply apply a few layers of paint to your cabinets and call it a day. While this might look freshened up at first, it’s not going to last due to the heavy wear and tear cabinets experience. 

Our cabinet painters, on the other hand, use products, techniques, and strategies that are proprietary to our company and lead to more beautiful outcomes that are longer-lasting, highly durable, and a fit for your budget. 

Here are just a few ways we’re able to do that for our many happy customers:

Our Cabinet Painters are Experienced

They’re more than simply painters, they are craftsmen. They’re individuals who understand the kinds of products that work best on cabinets, which colors are going to be most complementary, and how to deal with challenging areas, like divots, nicks and scratches. 

Over the years, they’ve seen and handled it all, transforming thousands of kitchens into ones that look like they just had cabinets installed from the factory. Thanks to their deep expertise and abilities, they’re even able to bring new life to cabinets that seem hopelessly outdated.

Our Painters Prep Your Cabinets More Carefully 

The end result of cabinet painting truly hinges on the prep job. If you don’t properly prepare your cabinets, it’s going to show in the quality of the work. It’s why, at N-Hance, our cabinet painters are so meticulous. 

We use a proprietary cleaning solution that eliminates dirt, dust, grime, wax, and other build-up that’s common on cabinets. This makes the surface more adhesive, so the primer sticks better.

Our Cabinet Painters Use Products Made for Cabinets

Unfortunately, when it’s time to prime cabinets, many other painters use products made for walls. However, these wear down quickly, leading to bleed-throughs and other imperfections. At N-Hance, we’ve designed a primer specially formulated for cabinets. It’s created to hold up to the harsh kitchen environment, blocking out stains and stopping any old colors from coming through. It also provides a better surface on which to apply cabinet paint.

Once we’re ready to paint, we use products that are top-quality. While others rely on latex paint, which is formulated for walls, we use a water-based polyurethane paint combined with acrylic tinting formulas. This paint is heavy-duty and able to stand up to the high level of use your cabinets experience over time. As a result, the finished product not only looks beautiful, but is more durable, longer lasting, and even scratch- and moisture-resistant. 

Our Cabinet Painters Offer a Factory-Like Finish

When you handle DIY cabinet painting on your own, one of the most common mistakes is using a brush. This leads to drips and stroke marks you can see once the paint dries. Even some professional painters use tools that are inferior, causing imperfections you’ll notice every time you walk into your kitchen. 

At N-Hance, we deliver a factory-like finish instead. We don’t use brushes or rollers, but approach painting using a spray technique that’s similar to how factories perform the job. This leads to a completely smooth surface and consistent-looking cabinets that never have drips, brush strokes, or any other annoying visual flaws. 

Our Painters can Cure Your Cabinets Instantly

It usually takes several days for your cabinets to dry. Not only do you have to wait for the paint to dry, but you also need to anticipate the time it will take for the primer and the topcoat to dry. This means your cabinets and your whole kitchen are likely unusable during this period of time. 

However, at N-Hance, we’ve designed a system, called Lightspeed® Nano, that uses U.V. technology to instantly cure primer, paint, and topcoats. You’ll have a rock-hard durable finish in no time. You can also gain faster access to your cabinets and your kitchen without any unpleasant or lingering fumes or odors to deal with.

Our Painters can Even Protect Your Cabinets from Germs 

On top of our standard Lightspeed® Nano system, we also offer an option for Lightspeed Plus™. It’s an anti-microbial U.V. finish that decreases bacterial growth by 99%.* It eliminates dangerous microbes, like E. Coli and Staph, from your cabinets, keeping your home safer. It’s also non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about kids or pets. In addition, it dries quickly, leading to minimal down time, and protects against stains, scuffs and scratches.

Our Painters can Give You Cabinets You Love, Quickly & Affordably

With N-Hance, you’ll get all this plus endless color possibilities to consider at a fraction of the cost of a full remodel. In fact, the price to repaint your cabinets is one-third to one-fifth of the cost of a remodel. We’ll find the color, sheen, and finishing technique that’s perfectly suited to your kitchen space, as well as your vision. You’ll get cabinets that look like new in just a matter of days. 

If you’d like professional-looking results from cabinet painters you can trust, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today for a FREE estimate.