White is everywhere in kitchens these days. But is it too overdone or just so timeless that it never goes out of style? If you’re considering painting your kitchen cabinets and are on the fence about white, here’s what to know before you make a move with your project.

The Many Benefits of Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

White Is Truly a Timeless Choice 

It’s natural to feel uncertain about what color to paint your kitchen cabinets. After all, it’s a big project, one that requires time, effort and money. Plus, you have to live with it, so you want to love it. So you might be asking: “Is white all it’s cracked up to be?” The short answer is: “Yes.”

White is popular because it is timeless. It will never go out of style, like so many other color and design trends that have come and gone over the years (think pea green and orange kitchens in the 1970s or the golden-toned wood cabinets of the 1980s and 1990s). 

Despite these many fluctuations in color, white has remained in style over many decades. It’s simple, elegant, and will feel fresh today and 10 years from now. It’s therefore not a fleeting trend you’re stuck with five years down the line. Another benefit? It’s a fit for every home, from modern to traditional and everything in between.

White Offers a Wide Range of Options

If you tell your painter you want to paint your kitchen cabinets white, they’re bound to ask: “What shade?” There are many options, from cooler, brighter whites to warmer, creamier choices and even those with a gray undertone. In fact, some reports put the number of shades of white at 900. So if you are opting for white cabinets, there are still an array of choices to think about. 

As a result, you won’t get a cookie-cutter kitchen, which is often a concern when it comes to white cabinets. You can choose a shade that feels personalized to your kitchen, your home, and your unique style. For instance, you can choose white that is minimalist and sleek or opt for a shade that lends itself to a rustic or European farmhouse aesthetic.

White Makes Your Kitchen Look Bigger & Brighter 

No matter what shade of white you choose, you’ll get a color that reflects the most light. It therefore makes your kitchen seem larger and brighter. If you have a smaller space, this is a big benefit. The same holds true if you have a kitchen with limited natural light. Even if your kitchen is larger and light-filled, it will feel even more open and spacious with white cabinets in place. 

White Can Be Styled to Reflect Your Personality 

Since white is a neutral color, you can add different design splashes and colors that reflect your vision or personality. For instance, a bright-colored subway tile backsplash, or rich-looking granite counters can contrast beautifully with white cabinets. If you’re looking for smaller-scale touches, think about painting your walls, adding in artwork and area rugs, or changing out your table linens to infuse some warmth and interest to your kitchen. 

Meanwhile, when painting your cabinets white, your kitchen won’t be out of date down the line as trends shift. Plus, you can change the decor easily to update your kitchen at any time – even on a seasonal basis. White, in any shade, truly offers a beautiful yet open canvas you can style any way you want.

Some other ways to achieve a unique look by painting kitchen cabinets white include:

  • Adding a backsplash of subway tile in a playful herringbone design. This looks distinct and also adds a sense of texture to the space behind your cabinets. If you want a more luxurious feel, consider a marble backsplash. 
  • Investing in decorative door knobs and drawer pulls to upgrade the look and feel of white kitchen cabinets. Choose from finishes ranging from matte black and polished brass or nickel to satin nickel, aged / oil rubbed bronze, or chrome. 
  • Upgrading the lighting in your kitchen to crystal chandeliers, clear, glass globes, a rattan or woven jute chandelier, oiled bronze pendants, or stainless steel fixtures. These will brighten the space and enhance it with your specific style. 
  • Using vintage appliances to create a retro feel. Inside, they offer all the modern touches you want, while creating that unique, period look on the outside.

In the end, white will never go out of style. So if you’re uncertain about a color to paint your kitchen cabinets, you can’t go wrong with white. You can style it any way you want, all while making your kitchen seem brighter and bigger. At the same time, it’s a classic look that won’t fade in the years to come. 

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