Have a more traditional kitchen or one that feels outdated? With just a few minor renovations, you can transform it into a sleek, modern kitchen. One key step involves painting your kitchen cabinets. When your cabinets are a contemporary color, it sets the tone for the rest of your kitchen. 

With so many colors to choose from, though, how can you find the one that works best? Here are some tips for painting your kitchen cabinets and getting that crisp, clean look you want. 

8 Tips for Getting a Contemporary Look When Painting Kitchen Cabinets  

When you paint your kitchen cabinets, you want the color to last decades. Unfortunately, not only do trends change but so too do your tastes. You might be at a point where you’re ready to clear out the clutter and make a move toward a clean, modern aesthetic in your kitchen. To get there, consider the following.

Tip #1: Opt for Open Shelves

While this might not be functional for your entire kitchen, creating a focal point with open shelving in some of your cabinets or in place of some cabinets all together will create a more contemporary look. It opens up the space and makes it appear larger, forcing eyes upward toward the ceiling. Just make sure when styling these shelves or open cabinets, you don’t go overboard. Keep the decor understated and sophisticated. 

Tip #2: Make Cabinets Monotone

When you’re choosing a color, you might only be thinking about how it will look on the cabinet surface. But have you ever considered painting the hardware, like knobs and hinges, the same color? When you choose this approach, you’ll get a monotone look that screams “modern.” It also makes a bold statement as doors blend together yet also stand out in an unexpected and compelling way.

Tip #3: Go for the Gold

If painting your kitchen cabinet hardware isn’t the right look for you, opt instead for a gold finish for your hardware. For instance, think bright white cabinets with warm gold knobs and pulls. This will not only look clean and contemporary, but it’s a look you can continue throughout other areas in your kitchen. You can add gold pendant lighting, a gold faucet for your sink, metallic pieces of art, or other decor for your opening shelving tying the look together. Mixing metal types is increasing in popularity as well. 

Tip #4: Take a Two-Toned Approach 

Another trend that’s been in style for a while is to paint your kitchen cabinets with two different colors. For instance, you can paint the upper kitchen cabinets a light tone and the base cabinets a darker shade, or a contrasting color. Another option is to paint your kitchen island a unique, bold color while painting the balance of your kitchen cabinets a more neutral choice, like white. 

Tip #5: Give a Nod to Nature

If you have high-quality, hardwood cabinets, consider staining your island, and then painting the rest of your cabinets. This will leverage another trend that’s been up-and-coming called biophilic design. The idea behind it is to bring as much of the outdoors inside with your choices so that the space is grounded and serene. Nothing says nature like hardwood inside your home. 

Tip #6: Paint it Black…

…Or another unexpected color. Just because you want a modern-looking kitchen, doesn’t mean you have to use white. With so many colors available, you can choose something more unusual. 

For instance, deep slate can add a dose of color and elegance. You can also get a sleek, yet neutral finish with soft gray or greige, as well as bring coastal comfort inside with a light blue. These colors are inherently clean and calming, yet stand out from their surroundings. 

Tip #7: White is Always a Win

That said, you won’t go wrong with white cabinets either. These look bright and contemporary and also give you the flexibility to style the rest of your space any way you want with an array of unique accents. If you decide after a while, you want to ditch the minimalist look and add rustic appeal instead, it’s still easy to do when painting your kitchen cabinets white. White is the ultimate neutral that can make any style shine. 

Tip #8: Try Out Transitional 

If you like the modern aesthetic but have more traditional cabinet fronts and furniture, you can still freshen up the space in a clean, contemporary way. Rather than going full-on modern, aim for the transitional look, which is the ideal balance of modern and traditional. You can blend warm textures, bold colors, sleek hardware, and smaller accents, like retro bar stools, that enable you to achieve that up-to-date look you want. 

Get Professional Help Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re still not sure what color to choose, let the pros at N-Hance® help. We can explore your options for painting your kitchen cabinets, taking into account key factors, like the size of your kitchen, the amount of natural lighting, the number of cabinets, and more. We can also bring samples to your home, so you can see what certain colors will look like in your kitchen and at different times of the day.

Once you’ve made your selection, simply clear out your cabinets and clear off your counters. Then leave the rest to us. Our expert kitchen cabinet painters will handle the rest, prepping, painting, and then curing your kitchen cabinets – instantly – with our UV light-curing technology: Lightspeed®

With it, your cabinets will have a rock-hard, durable finish and your project will have far less down time. You won’t have to wait days to use your kitchen again and can simply get back to life in a modern new space you love.

Ready to explore the many options for kitchen cabinet colors? Connect with N-Hance® and let us help! Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.