Picking out hardware seems like an easy choice – until you’re actually standing in front of the hundreds of options available. Once you are, you’ll quickly realize there are countless possibilities and many considerations. If you’re in the middle of trying to make this decision, let our cabinet painters weigh in! 

At N-Hance®, we have a team of professional cabinet painters with extensive experience beyond simply painting cabinets. Along with our design consultants, our cabinet painters often weigh in with design-related considerations. Today, they are offering the following advice on how to approach hardware selections based on different cabinet colors. 

Black or Espresso Cabinets 

Our cabinet painters recommend contrast when it comes to deep brown or black cabinets. When you’re choosing your hardware finish for a dark cabinet color, consider a material like brushed gold, champagne bronze, or muted brass. Another classic option is antiqued bronze. 

For a more contemporary vibe, stainless steel or brushed steel will make your cabinets stand out. Whatever you do choose, stay away from dark hardware, like matte black or iron, and opt for hardware that adds contrast and visual variation.

White or Light Cabinets 

According to interior designers and our cabinet painters, white cabinets are still hugely popular – and for good reason: they never go out of style. When it comes to choosing hardware for white or light cabinets, such as cream, ivory, or light gray, hardware can vary quite a bit depending on the cabinet color. 

For bright white cabinets, choose from brushed nickel knobs and pulls. For warm white, cream, or ivory, consider leaning into oil-rubbed bronze. Matte black hardware also looks beautiful with light or medium gray cabinets, while brass or chrome are great options for modern white cabinets. 

Blue Cabinets 

Our cabinet painters report that blue cabinets have become trendy in recent years with an array of shades for homeowners to explore from pale, soft blue to navy. The specific shade you paint your cabinets will dictate the finish and style of your hardware. 

For instance, consider brushed or polished nickel or brushed steel for cabinets painted a lighter blue. On the other hand, champagne bronze or gold fixtures offer excellent contrast against dark or navy blue cabinets. You can even explore the possibilities of painted ceramic knobs and hardware that will offer pops of color on your cabinets. 

Green Cabinets 

Like blue, green cabinets are here to stay and feature a wide array of different shades, from the warmth of sage to the richness of hunter green. When you’re coordinating hardware with the cabinet paint color, keep the final style you’re trying to achieve in mind.

For instance, consider brass or gold hardware for a heritage-style kitchen with hunter or forest green cabinets. For pale green cabinets, like pistachio, brushed nickel hardware creates a classic look with contrast. The coolness of the metal will beautifully accent the warmth of the green. 

Another excellent hardware option for lighter green cabinets is matte black. This creates a clean, industrial aesthetic. Meanwhile, rose gold hardware against pale green cabinets will cultivate a distinctive look that’s all your own. 

More Tips From Our Cabinet Painters for Choosing Hardware 

When you’re shopping for the right hardware, our cabinet painters recommend taking more than just your cabinet color into account. Consider the vision you have for your kitchen. 

Are you interested in a farmhouse feel, or a cool, chic style? Do you want the classic appeal of a more traditional kitchen or something elevated, rich, and sophisticated? Here are a few more words of wisdom from our cabinet painters for taking style into account and getting your preferred aesthetic just right. 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match finishes.

In other words, if you have an oil-rubbed bronze light fixture over your kitchen island, you can choose a different finish for your hardware. Mixing and matching finishes is on trend. Simply strive to achieve a cohesive look you love, instead of one where all the metals match. 

Think style – and what fits your cabinets and kitchen. 

If you’d like to achieve a farmhouse feel in your kitchen, for example, consider the vintage charm of hand-painted ceramic knobs. If you want contemporary appeal that’s sleek or industrial, opt for hardware with clean, simple, straight lines and a basic profile. For rustic kitchens, black iron or oil-rubbed bronze cup pulls offer loads of charm, while traditional kitchens are better suited for hardware finishes like pewter and brass with detailed design flourishes.

Get a sample ahead of time.

Just like paint chips, you can often order samples of hardware or just purchase one small knob or pull so you can view it in your kitchen and against your cabinets. This will help you confidently decide which option works best for your style. 

Explore the best pairings before you paint your cabinets.

If your cabinets have yet to be painted, it’s a good idea to explore different color and hardware pairings with a professional cabinet painter. Classic pairings include gold or muted brass hardware with cabinets that are olive green, white, or greige. White cabinets with black hardware are always in style as are silver, chrome, and brushed nickel hardware with cabinets painted in blue tones. 

Get Expert Help From Our Cabinet Painters

If you have a cabinet painting project and want help exploring options for paint colors and hardware, turn to N-Hance. As cabinet makeover specialists, we have a team of professional cabinet painters ready to hit the ground running with your project. 

During the process, we can work with you to guide you through the available selections, so you get kitchen cabinets that are a fit for your home and your life. Once we’re done, your cabinets – and your whole kitchen – will be beautifully transformed. 

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