The farmhouse look is warm and inviting, making the kitchen the instant center of the home. It also offers a comfortable, worn-in aesthetic that’s perfect for any busy family. When you’re repainting your kitchen cabinets, what are some ways to achieve the cozy, classic feel of the ever-popular farmhouse style? Keep these color and design tips in mind.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Paint Color for a Farmhouse Kitchen

If you love the farmhouse look and feel, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most popular style upgrades for many homeowners. To achieve it, follow these steps:

Assess Your Existing Space

Do you have existing features to use as a guide, like hardwood floors or a brick accent wall? Whatever kitchen cabinet paint color you choose, it should complement these existing elements. 

For instance, if you have hardwood floors in your kitchen, then a rich, creamy white on the cabinets can contrast the floors, capture the farmhouse look, and stay neutral, so you’ll love them for years to come. If, instead, you have a brick accent wall in your kitchen, then a warm gray offers visual contrast, while producing that classic farmhouse appeal.

Explore the World of Neutrals

The foundation of most farmhouse kitchens tends toward neutral, from white to gray and beige. These colors are subtle, yet welcoming. You can even add in pops of color with decor or design elements with bolder hues, like earthy green or terra-cotta, infusing your own personality into the space.

Go Two Shades Lighter if You Like a Dark Color

Even though neutrals are common in a farmhouse kitchen, you don’t have to limit yourself to neutral colors to get the farmhouse look. Since a farmhouse is generally bright, it’s best to steer clear of too-dark colors. If you love the thought of navy or dark green, opt instead for light blue or mint green. 

If there’s a different darker color you love, then choose the one that’s two shades lighter when painting your kitchen cabinets. This not only better captures the farmhouse look, but makes it easier to coordinate with other colors and decor in your kitchen. 

Other Color Options to Achieve Farmhouse Appeal

Some other choices for colors that can help you get the farmhouse look when you’re painting your kitchen cabinets include:

  • Pale blue-green 
  • Smokey light blue or gray
  • Ice blue
  • Off white
  • Buttery yellow
  • Greige with a gray base and beige undertones

Whatever color you do choose, keep in mind that the farmhouse style is all about simple, practical, and rustic charm. If you have a busy family, this can be a great way to add warmth and style, without being too formal. The farmhouse style easily fits into everyday life.

6 Farmhouse Style Tips for Your Kitchen

Once you have your cabinet paint color choice in place, there are other steps you can take to further infuse the farmhouse style into your kitchen. These include:

  1. Upgrading lighting.
    There are endless lighting possibilities, however, opt for something like a simple glass pendant. This won’t take up a lot of visual space and will make the room seem bigger and brighter. 
  2. Using texture.
    Texture is another key design element of a farmhouse kitchen. There are many ways to add it into your space, from applying a shiplap wall covering to your walls to adding in wooden architectural elements, like ceiling beams. If your budget is more limited, shop for decorative items, like a linen or burlap tablecloth, placemats, or window treatments.
  3. Investing in an apron sink.
    Nothing says “farmhouse” quite like this type of sink. Replace your existing sink with an apron sink if your budget allows and place a wooden butcher block on the island for a farmhouse feel. 
  4. Adding gloss with a new backsplash.
    The farmhouse aesthetic is light and bright and a glossy tile will reflect light. This will also make the room appear airier, too.
  5. Installing open hardwood shelves.
    Open shelves are a great way to display rustic, farmhouse decor, like wooden bowls or woven baskets, vintage plates and tea cups, copper pots, mason jars filled with treasures, or old farm tools you found at an antique store. 
  6. Choosing farmhouse finishes.
    Your sink faucet and cabinet hardware should also reflect the farmhouse look. Opt for a matte or brushed surface in your selections, like oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. Avoid chrome or high-gloss finishes, which tend toward the modern or contemporary aesthetic

If the style of your cabinets is getting in the way of your farmhouse vision, consider an upgrade. Rather than replacing the cabinets, reface them instead. With refacing, the doors and drawer fronts are replaced with new, custom-made ones. 

Cabinet boxes remain in place and are simply painted or stained to match. This will allow you to choose from an assortment of styles, like Shaker, that help you elevate your kitchen and achieve the farmhouse look you love.

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