The smell of the sea. The sound of waves crashing. The feel of the sun on your face. There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time on the beach with your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand. If you’d like to bring this feel home, you can start by painting your kitchen cabinets. 

The kitchen just happens to be the busiest spot in your home. By bringing a coastal feel to it, you can create calm among the chaos in this space, so it is a peaceful and serene place to cook, eat, entertain, and spend time with your family. 

This look is all about cool, calming colors, soft, casual accents, natural wood elements, and a breezy overall aesthetic. To help you achieve it, here are some kitchen cabinet paint colors to consider and additional tips for styling with natural, coastal elements in mind.

4 Colors to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets That Capture a Coastal Look

#1: Blue

When you think of the coast and the colors you see there, blue is often the first that comes to mind. In recent years, blue has become an increasingly popular color for kitchen cabinets. Not only does it scream “coastal” but it adds a pop of color and some visual interest to the kitchen. Another benefit of blue is that it looks great against any kind of flooring, including wood, tile, and laminate.

There are a range of kitchen cabinet paint colors you can consider in the blue family, from a duck egg blue to warm blue with purple undertones, cool blue with green undertones, or navy blue. Just keep in mind that if you have a smaller kitchen space, it’s better to stick to the lighter side of the spectrum. This will help your kitchen appear larger and breezier, which is a must if you want simple, beachy appeal. 

#2: White

If blue isn’t your speed, then white is another way to achieve the coastal look when painting your kitchen cabinets. White is always a classic and is totally versatile. Whether you want to go with seashells and sea-grass woven baskets, or a nautical theme with navy blue and white striped towels and table linens, white cabinets will look beautiful against any backdrop. 

Another advantage? If, in the future, you decide to ditch the coastal vibe and makeover your kitchen, your white cabinets will still be in style. As a result, you’ll get the most bang for your buck when you paint your kitchen cabinets white. You can style your kitchen in endless ways and count on your cabinets to be on-trend for years to come.

#3: Green

Green is another color choice that can help you capture the coastal theme in your kitchen, while at the same time infusing color and personality into the space. You can select from a wide variety of hues, from muted shades of green to blue-green combinations, mossy greens, and more. 

Some other options for green in your kitchen when you’re painting your cabinets include warm tones, like olive green, or cooler ones, such as aqua. Even sage green is another way to capture nature and bring the coastal vibe inside your home with the right styling. 

#4: Gray

Gray has been all the rage for several years. If you want a beachy look in your kitchen, it’s a great neutral to consider when you’re painting your cabinets. Even better, gray has a calming effect – which is key in this busy space. At the same time, it can add some drama, just like stormy skies and the fog rolling in on a rainy day at the beach. 

There are many shades available if you like gray, each with different undertones to keep in mind. There are even those that are in the white family, so truly neutral and classic, while adding a light, airy element to your kitchen. 

Styling Your Kitchen for Coastal Appeal

Once your kitchen cabinets are painted, you’ll want to style your kitchen in a way that further captures the coastal look. There are countless options to consider, including:

  • Open Shelving. You can opt for an accent wall with open shelves, where you display blue or green ceramic kitchenware, large, decorative seashells, woven baskets, interesting pieces of driftwood, and other natural elements you’d find on the coast. 
  • Decor. There are so many ways to add a coastal vibe to your kitchen with decor, from accent lighting to ocean-themed artwork, a straw area rug, and wooden barstools.  
  • Biophilic Touches. This brings nature inside and can include anything from a piece of colorful coral reef you display in the middle of your kitchen table to a tropical plant in the corner. There are even chandeliers made from seashells available for more coastal charm.
  • Subtle Accents. Other touches to consider include coastal-themed hand towels, table linens, and window treatments, like wooden shutters. These can all infuse more visual interest and subtle sea colors into your kitchen without breaking your budget.

Bringing a coastal vibe into your kitchen is all about balance and calm, whether you’re painting the cabinets or styling the space. It mixes casual with classic, so you get a kitchen that is comfortable, functional, and beautiful, too.

Another great aspect to the coastal look is that there are so many different ways to add character to your kitchen with it. You can truly make it uniquely your own, so it reflects your one-of-a-kind style. 

If you’d like a more rustic vibe instead of a coastal one, here are some tips for achieving it. If, however, you’re ready to bring the coast into your kitchen, connect with N-Hance® and ask about our options for painting kitchen cabinets. 

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