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7 Ways to Add Visual Flair When You Reface Cabinets

When you reface cabinets, you have the chance to bring new life and energy into your kitchen. Even if you prefer a subdued and understated cooking space, a little bit of visual flair can go a long way on a refacing project. For inspiration, here are seven ways that you can bring a spark of […]

Choosing the Right Type of Paint for Cabinet Painting

If you’re getting ready for a cabinet painting project, it’s important that you choose the right type of paint. Pick a low-quality style or brand, and you’ll struggle to achieve the results you have in mind. Worse yet, the paint will be liable to start fading, chipping, and peeling within just a few years. On […]

N-Hance Cabinet Refinishing: Saving Trees, Planting New Ones

Refinishing cabinets instead of replacing them allows you to transform the look of your kitchen while conserving natural resources. This makes cabinet refinishing a popular choice with homeowners concerned about the environmental impact of remodeling. Now, N-Hance® is partnering with American Forests to make cabinet refinishing an even greener choice for homeowners. By refinishing cabinets [&hell...