Monthly Archives: September, 2020

Hate the Cabinets Under Your Granite Countertops? Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Is the Answer

You love your granite countertops. The problem is down below with the cabinets. They’re old, ugly or worn-out. What can you do? Kitchen cabinet refacing provides the solution. Below are some frequently asked questions about this service.  What is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing? Kitchen cabinet refacing is a process during which the drawer fronts and doors […]

Protect the Planet & Enhance Your Kitchen with Our Cabinet Refacing

When you choose cabinet refacing instead of a complete renovation, you’ll have the best of both worlds. You can take steps toward preserving the planet, all while getting cabinets that look brand new.  It’s thanks to a process that reuses your cabinet boxes and simply replaces the doors and drawer fronts with custom ones. We’ll […]

Bad DIY Cabinet Painting Job? Here’s How to Fix It

Cabinet painting isn’t always as simple as it’s portrayed in DIY videos and on home improvement TV shows. There are countless decisions you have to make, from how to prep your cabinets to the paint product you select to how you apply it. One wrong move can quickly lead to a DIY disaster. The good […]

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