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Should I Reface My Cabinets? 4 Benefits You Should Consider

Want to give your kitchen a facelift, quickly and affordably? Opt to reface your cabinets.  Cabinet refacing allows you to choose a new door and drawer front style, a different color, a dramatic finishing technique, and new hardware. Best of all? It takes far less time and money than a complete kitchen renovation.  Here’s more […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Choosing a Timeless Style

Have you made the decision to go ahead with kitchen cabinet refacing? You might think it’s smooth sailing from here on out. However, with countless options to consider, there are still many selections to navigate before you reach your final destination: a newly transformed kitchen.  Where do you begin? And how can you find a […]

7 Cabinet Painting Questions Answered

Cabinet painting is a great option if you want to update your kitchen on a budget. The right color can transform your space and create a completely different look. At the same time, you can take care of all those scratches, scuff marks, and worn out areas, so your cabinets are refreshed and feel new. […]

Cabinet Refacing Costs: Is It More Affordable to Reface or Replace?

Want a fresh look in your kitchen? Not long ago, your only options were to paint or replace. Today, there’s a new kid in town – cabinet refacing. This is when the doors and drawer fronts are replaced with updated ones and the boxes are left in place. It’s the best of both worlds, offering […]