Monthly Archives: March, 2022

Painting Kitchen Cabinets? What Color Should You Choose for Your Walls?

Do you want a bold pop of color, or a warm, soothing aesthetic? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself when you’re painting your kitchen cabinets and choosing a wall color to match.  You first want to identify the overall look and feel you’d like to achieve in the space, whether […]

Are Your Floors a Candidate for Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

Your floors take a beating and might be showing some wear and tear, as a result. Even if foot traffic isn’t a problem, sunlight, water damage, rearranging furniture, pets, and other issues can cause noticeable damage to your floors. Considering hardwood floors are a valuable asset to any home, it’s important to maintain them. Yet, how […]

Common DIY Disasters & Why Hire Pro Cabinet Painters Instead

Painting your own cabinets sounds great in theory. You’ll get a kitchen that is refreshed with brighter, bolder, or more sophisticated-looking cabinets. All those scratches, scuff marks, and other little imperfections that have been staring you down will be gone. Left behind will be freshly painted cabinets that elevate the space and improve your quality […]

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets vs. Refacing: Understanding the Difference

In the past, if you wanted your cabinets refreshed, you could either refinish them or replace them. Now, there’s a newer option with cabinet refacing. But what’s the difference between refinishing your kitchen cabinets and refacing them? Here’s what to know so you can make the right choice for your home improvement project. The Basics […]