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Cabinet Color Change: How Does it Differ from Painting?

Ready for a cabinet color change in your home? You might be thinking about hiring a traditional painter to handle the project. But you might want to think again. Many of these professionals perform a quick prep job, use a layer or two of a latex-based paint, and call it a day. The problem with […]

Custom Cabinet Colors + Different Finishes = Endless Options

A little color can go a long way when you’re thinking about updating your kitchen cabinets. And with N-Hance®, we have endless custom cabinet colors and finishes to choose from.  What’s more is that when you hire N-Hance, you can dramatically change the style of your kitchen or bathroom within a few days, whether you’re […]

Cabinet Painting: Durable for Years of Use

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you’re a gourmet cook always testing out new recipes, a parent with kids at the counter doing homework and eating snacks non-stop, or a party host who loves to entertain, it’s a space that gets a lot of use. You, therefore, need products that can endure […]