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How Much Does Cabinet Refacing Cost?

Kitchen remodelers love to talk about the value afforded by cabinet refacing. By changing the style and color of your cabinets, refacing completely reshapes the appearance of your kitchen. But because it leaves the original cabinet frames and boxes in place, it costs significantly less than alternatives, like replacing your cabinets completely. But how much […]

When & When Not to Reface Cabinets

One of the questions that homeowners frequently ask N-Hance® technicians is whether or not homeowners should reface cabinets. While more expensive than refinishing, restaining, or painting your cabinets, refacing delivers a more transformative appearance. It’s also significantly cheaper — roughly half the cost — of replacing your cabinets completely. This makes refacing an ideal choice [&he...

7 Tips to Make Cabinet Painting So. Much. Easier.

Cabinet painting is one of those home improvement projects that’s easy, but not quite as easy as it looks. As a homeowner, it seems like an easy enough project to do by yourself, saving a few dollars in the process. But when you’re knee-deep in primer and paint, sorting through unlabeled pieces of hardware, and […]

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