Monthly Archives: August, 2019

Why Back-to-School’s the Perfect Time for Refacing Cabinets

As with any remodeling project, refacing cabinets is a lot easier if it’s done at the right time of year. That’s especially true for working families, who need to find time between work and school schedules to make refacing possible. At N-Hance® we’ve found the back-to-school season of September and October to be an ideal […]

The Innovations Behind Our Wood Refinishing Process

If you’re hiring N-Hance® for the first time, you’ll be surprised at the uniqueness of our wood refinishing process. This one-of-a-kind process has none of the mess or odors associated with traditional wood refinishing. Even better, it reduces indoor air pollution by eliminating wood dust and avoiding hazardous finishes. Plus, it allows us to refinish […]

What to Do Before Refinishing Cabinets

Refinishing cabinets can be a tough, time-consuming job — much more so than many people realize. A big reason for this is the amount of prep work that goes into cabinet refinishing. Between planning your project, disassembling your cabinets, and getting the wood ready for a new finish layer, the bulk of any refinishing project […]

How Floor Refinishing Affects Indoor Air Quality

At N-Hance®, we’re known for our one-of-a-kind floor refinishing process. One of the things that makes this process so unique is its impact on indoor air quality. With a traditional floor refinishing service, you need to worry about things like wood dust and VOCs. Both can trigger short-term respiratory illness, and both have been linked […]