Monthly Archives: March, 2023

Cabinet Painting for an Industrial Look

Clean. Elegant. Timeless. Want to achieve an industrial aesthetic when cabinet painting? There are many ways to bring this look to life in your kitchen to get the striking end result you want.  These days, less is more and minimalism is in. Life is busy, loud and cluttered. When you come home and are cooking, […]

What Are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors?

Want a fresh look in an old kitchen? It’s easy when you paint your cabinets. This is a fast and affordable way to wipe the slate clean and get a totally different look. The question is: which kitchen cabinet colors are best? There’s obviously not “one” correct answer or even many answers, depending on how […]

How Do Professional Cabinet Painters Get a Smooth Finish?

When you see newly painted cabinets, it’s easy to tell whether the job was performed by a professional cabinet painter or a hard-working, yet inexperienced DIY-er. So, how do cabinet painters deliver that flawless, smooth finish? There are many factors that go into the final appearance and a beautiful end result. Here’s what makes the […]

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Now Available

At N-Hance®, we’re known for making over the outside of cabinets. Now, we can transform the inside, as well, with our kitchen cabinet storage solutions. If you’d like to increase the functionality of the space inside your cabinets, we have a wide range of options to consider. You can say goodbye to: Instead, with our […]