Monthly Archives: September, 2022

6 Pro Color Tips for Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

As summer comes to a close, you might start to think about all the time you’ll be spending inside – and the projects you want to tackle. If repainting kitchen cabinets is at the top of your to-do list, how do you decide on the color?  You might be bored with the current color, but […]

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets – and Save Time, Money & Resources

Want to install new kitchen cabinets in your home? It’s going to cost you. With prices for lumber and supplies skyrocketing, plus backup and delays due to supply chain issues, new kitchen cabinets are more expensive than ever. The alternative? Refinish your kitchen cabinets instead. When you do, you can not only save money and […]

Why Back-to-School Time is Ideal for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Your kids are heading back to school. Ready to make your kitchen a more welcoming space for them when they arrive home? N-Hance® can help by painting your kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen will be the go-to place for your children and their friends, so you can open your doors to the after-school crowd. The Benefits […]

Refinishing Cabinets: What Makes Lightspeed Unique?

At N-Hance®, we’re known for innovation. Part of that includes our Lightspeed® UV system, which is unique to our company. When we’re refinishing cabinets, it offers an instant way to cure them. Here’s what to know about Lightspeed and why it will deliver superior results when we’re working on your cabinets.  What is Lightspeed? Industries […]