Cabinet Refinishing

The Classic Cabinet Refinishing job is a convenient and affordable way to bring out the beauty in your kitchen cabinets. The job gives your cabinets a clean, fresh look and repairs minimal wear on the wood surfaces. Grease and dirt are easily removed and touch-ups are performed quickly and timely. You will love the convenience, along with the shine and luster this service will bring to your tired cabinets. Unlike many cabinet painters, items may even be left in the cabinets and drawers without interfering with the work.

Color Change

If you are wanting a new look in your kitchen, but money and down-time are a concern, N-Hance’s Color Change may be just what you need. The Color Change on cabinets can involve slightly warming the tone of the wood or a much more dramatic effect like changing the color of the cabinets. The change can involve going from a golden oak to dark espresso or to clean white. Simply find any sample cabinet color or finish style and N-Hance can generally match.

And no matter the style you’re looking for, N-Hance has you covered. From more vintage cabinets to sleek and modern, we can help you pick the best look for your home. Our local technicians go beyond traditional cabinet painting services by also offering a variety of different finishing techniques, each of which presents its own distinct look:

  • – Glazed
  • – Antiqued
  • – Shadowing
  • – And More…



Color Options

Unlike traditional cabinet painters who often leave the grain of the wood exposed, N-Hance offers a solution that will cover the grain and give your cabinets a cleaner, on-trend appearance. And while it can take over a week for cabinet painters to complete their work and let it dry, our Lightspeed® process cures the finish immediately!

N-Hance offers thousands of different refinishing options, so you can find the perfect color to match your own style. If that seems overwhelming to you, we are more than happy to help you choose the color that best fits your kitchen. Before we refinish your cabinets, we will walk you through each step of the process and make sure that you are perfectly satisfied with your selection.

Why N-Hance

N-Hance offers a has worked for years to perfect the cabinet color changing process. While many traditional cabinet painters will use paint that is designed for walls or even wood surfaces on the exterior of your home, we use proprietary, state-of-the-art products that have been designed specifically for cabinets inside of your home. We treat your cabinets with the care and attention you would want.

To ensure that no mistakes are made, N-Hance follows a specific process:

  • – Clean the Cabinets. Before we do anything, N-Hance uses a proprietary cleaning process to clean your cabinets and remove oils, grease, grime, waxes and other particles that may have accumulated, as well as loose layers of old finish. This gives us a fresh canvas to work with.
  • – Prep and Seal. At this point, N-Hance prepares and seals the cabinet, neutralizing the wood’s pH levels. This step is important to make sure that the primer and color bond to the wood properly.
  • – Apply Primer. Our primer blocks tanning and stains on the wood from bleeding through and marring the surface after the process is complete.
  • Apply Custom Color. We only provide the best. That’s why we use our own acrylic polyurethane blend, as opposed to basic latex paint. We apply several coats to your cabinet to make the finish durable against bumps, scratches, and other physical wear. This process is similar to the process used in factories when manufacturing new cabinets.
  • Apply Lightspeed®. N-Hance uses a proprietary top coat that is cured using ultraviolet light. This finish dries quickly, meaning you don’t have to wait to use your cabinets again! Lightspeed® also contains an antimicrobial property that decreases bacteria growth by 99%, keeping your home and family healthy.


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