Q. Will the N-Hance process work on laminate flooring?

A: No, N-Hance specializes in renewing the shine, shield and luster on all wood surfaces. A laminate floor doesn’t qualify. They cannot be refinished with the N-Hance process.

Q. How long does floor refinishing take?

A: Usually your N-Hance technician is in and out of your home or office in a day. In most cases you will have use of your floor within a few hours. Ask your N-Hance representative for details.

Q. When is it time to refinish hardwood floors?

A: Approximately every 7 years you will need to refinish your hardwood floors. Other factors, such as pets or water damage, would necessitate refinishing sooner.

Q. How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors?

A: Usually refinishing your hardwood floors means several days of disruption. With N-Hance, downtime is significantly lower due to our Lightspeed technology.

Q. How much does it cost to refinish hardwood floors?

A: Your expenses to refinish hardwood floors depend on a variety of factors. Size of floor, new color, type of wood, etc. Ultimately you will want to consider the quality of the finish and how durable your floors will be.

Q. I have worn and stained areas from my pet, can N-Hance help?

A: In most cases. Many people do not understand that the pads of dog’s feet are like sandpaper. Every time your dog goes from a dead stop to a full run he/she is sanding the surface of your floor with their paws. The N-Hance finish is self leveling and will fill in surface scratches that […]