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N-Hance Cabinet Refinishing: Saving Trees, Planting New Ones

Refinishing cabinets instead of replacing them allows you to transform the look of your kitchen while conserving natural resources. This makes cabinet refinishing a popular choice with homeowners concerned about the environmental impact of remodeling. Now, N-Hance® is partnering with American Forests to make cabinet refinishing an even greener choice for homeowners. By refinishing cabinets [&hell...

The Innovations Behind Our Wood Refinishing Process

If you’re hiring N-Hance® for the first time, you’ll be surprised at the uniqueness of our wood refinishing process. This one-of-a-kind process has none of the mess or odors associated with traditional wood refinishing. Even better, it reduces indoor air pollution by eliminating wood dust and avoiding hazardous finishes. Plus, it allows us to refinish […]

Christmas Trees and Rocksalt

A great article in Parade about protecting your wood floors from both water from Christmas trees and rock salt Dave Murphy, from N-Hance, explains how you should put mats and plastic under your tree, and you should avoid overfilling the container. With rock salt it is important to keep your floors clean so the rock […]

Fall Home Checklist

Now that the kids are back in school it is time to start on a Fall Home Checklist to get your home ready for the winter months By starting early it is easy to accomplish all the required tasks in an easy and timely manner. We have made a short list of things we believe […]

Successful Yard Sale Tips – Advertising Your Sale (Part 2)

Getting ready for a yard sale takes a lot of work. This is the second post in a four series post: Often times advertising for the sale gets put on the backburner. Taking a few extra minutes to make signs and putting ads in your local paper or online listings can make your sale very […]

Tony and Cheryl Dreawves – Hudson, Wisconsin

N-Hance franchise for 4 1/2 years Their business consists of owners Tony and Cheryl as Managers, along with a great team of CSR/Office Support, Technicians, Sales Reps and an Operations Coordinator. They believe without their great team, they could not be successful in their goal to provide an exceptional customer service experience for their clients. […]